The Contest-Part 1

Every year Toastmasters International holds several speech competitions. They have events for evaluating speeches, extemporaneous speaking, tall tales, as well as humor. The big one is the international contest. Each year over 25000 people start the competition in over 90 countries. The ultimate goal is the international convention, which is this year being held in Massachusetts. At the finals there are 10 competitors, eight domestic and two international. The contest starts in each local club. From there it is a series of increasingly harder competitions progressing from January to August culminating in the international convention. In the world of Toastmasters we call it the “World Championship of Public Speaking”.

This year I am competing in the contest. Our club held its contest on March 3rd, unfortunately the south forgot it was the south and that Sunday 8 inches of snow fell on Athens. We had much debate and eventually I was able to compete that Thursday in our Area J competition. Now I have it lucky in that public speaking comes pretty easy to me. Usually when I do club speeches, I barely write out an outline of my talks and really rely on my God-given ability to perform. But I read a professional speaker say that a speech can’t be professional unless it is written, so I started writing…

To be continued


3 thoughts on “The Contest-Part 1”

  1. This is so interesting! I never knew this club existed until now. Sounds like a great place for people who like to hear themselves talk (like myself!). I’ll add you to my blogroll!

    ps – You spelled amateur wrong up there (sorry, whenever I read I silently edit, too)
    Also – the internets is a big scary place and anyone from the depths can come and visit here, for that reason it may not be a good idea to post your phone number on your info page. Email address would be better. Just tryin to look out for you!

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