Area Contest-Part 2

The funny thing about most of my speech writing is that it takes place in the shower.  This is one of my most creative moments for some reason because its just me and instead of singing in there, I prepare speeches.  The original ideas I had for my contest speech revolved around the emotions that I carried the night the President Obama was elected and what it meant to me as an African-American male.  One day I definitely want to do that speech, but it is not a “contest” topic.  

Part of this journey for me has been learning about the contest itself and watching some if its past winners perform.  Obviously these people are wonderful speakers, but it was very apparent from the begininng that many of the topics, although well scripted and touching, were very safe.  People did not touch on politics or religion or any type of social issue.  Most of the speaches were inspirational and uplifting.  Most of them were personal accounts from the contestants of stories that we all could identify to.  So that left me looking for another speech topic.  

Most of the speeches I have done at my club have been about my own family.  So I started the process there thinking about many of the previous speeches I had crafted.  I realized that I had never really touched on my FOO (family of origin) and there is defiitely some material there from my childhood and some inspiration that can be pulled how that affected and eventually changed my life.  

Our club was to hold our speech contest on March 3, 2009, but unfortunately mother nature had different plans.  Our meeting was snowed out as Athens was still digging out of the WINTER STORM 2009 that had happened two days earlier.  Things were more complicated because we needed to send a winner to our area contest that following Thursday.  Because the other competitor in our club contest was also a member of another club in town we were both able to compete in the are contest.  

Next stop, “Finally” (that was the title of the speech)



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