Area Contest-Part 3

Thursday March 5, 2009

Area J-96 speech contest

This was the city championship round.  I have had the honor of competing at this level during another contest and had some clue as to the level of competition I would encounter.  Contest speeches are not necessarily any better speakers at this level than what we see every week, but they do have a higher level of preparation and polish.  For the international speech contest there was one other competitor.  He is a joint member in both our club and the host club.  

I went first and delivered my speech.  I had spent some time reading, but really had not watched many “contest” speeches.  I knew that I wanted to do something different than my standard high-energy, happy speech.  This speech was the story of my family and how I felt as a young boy without a mother or a father in the home.  I could see that people in the audience were connecting and enjoying the speech and I felt I did a good job.  

In the end, I was lucky enough to win this competition and move on to the division level contest.  And this is also the point in the journey where I realized that I actually have some gifts and talents and now I needed to see what would happen if I really worked on a project.




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