Division Champion-Part 2


What exactly do adults do with trophies?
What exactly do adults do with trophies?

Contest day was quite hectic.  Seaver had baseball practice that morning (he hit his first home run) and then we had to race to a birthday party.  I then left my lovely family and headed to the contest.  

It was a very well run affair.  And the competition was definitely a step up from anything I had encountered to this point.  The speeches ranged from deeply touching to flat out inspirational.  I drew the last spot in the speaking order for both competitions.  With this being my first division contest, it was great to be able to watch my competition.  I was even able to make a last minute addition to my speech because I had 30+ minutes to sit and listen.  

I knew I had a good speech but everyone had a good speech.  And my competition also were all very good speakers.  They really had good stories and great delivaries.  It was going to be a matter of execution.  

The speech title was “Family Picture”.  It is the story of what my family looked like in family photos when I was a child as well as how that has changed to our family photos today.  I really worked hard on weaving not only a good speech but one that all both humor and heartfelt emotion as well.  

It went well, I messed up the ending, but the speech did go very well.  And at the end of the day, I was honored to have won the contest.  My big take away was that all that preparation did pay off and it didn’t matter whether I won or lost because I loved the speech.  Now I have to spend another month preparing for the next contest in April.  

Wish me luck!




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