It’s a big deal

I am loving this ride I’m on in this contest.  Regardless of the outcome it has been a life changer and even if I do compete again, it may never  be able to top this experience.  I have been able to have contact with people I have admired from afar, received compliments from people I don’t know, and have grown in so many unexpected ways.  

This contest is a big deal.  And making it this far is a really big deal.  To put it in perspective:

106 countries

Over 12,000 clubs

Nearly 250,000 members

Every club is required to participate in the International speech contest.  So starting with 250,000 there are now only going to be 80 people left in the entire world competing at this level.  I have a one in seven chance of making it to the finals.  

But really what does this mean for me, my family, and the people around me?  My big personal take away is that I am more talented than I thought I was on the platform.  My big family take away is that I am so lucky to have the amazing situation that I have with a wonderful and supportive spouse and an inspirational son.  My big people take away is that there are so many people around me that not only care about me but investing in me, and that is humbling.  

This process is a big deal.  But just like most things in life it all the other things that happen because of it that make it wonderful.  




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