So now what?

One of the best things about having a blog is that it is an permanent reminder of you.  I haven’t had the burn inside to write anything lately, so I have laid low and its been good for me.  But tomorrow my son goes back to school and I am back to being a productive citizen (I hope).

The summer was a blast.  I got the wild ride of being in the speech contest.  We took our summer trip to Wisconsin.  Seaver and I were able to really bond and spend an amazing time together just being father and son.  And I have crafted an idea.

As many of you know, I love to talk.  And as some of you know, I love University of Georgia athletics.  In a previous post, I talked about finding passion and doing something about it.  A lot of big talk but not enough action.  But action is an interesting thing.  Occasionally it starts moving without you knowing it.  It starts putting people and situations in your life to prepare you to do something.  Action is sometimes not your own action, but the actions of others on your behalf and their interest in your life.  So what does talking, UGA, and action have to do with each other?

College athletics is over a $5 billion industry.  The University of Georgia alone has a 70+ billion dollar budget.  When colleges are on national television they see an immediate increase in applications and inquiries from prospective students.  Yet over and over when the number one advertising vehicle for these schools get in front of microphones you get this

How many times have you seen an interview with a college athlete and wondered”how in the world did he or she get into school?  Or how many times have you caught the English language being destroyed by a young man following a victory?  I don’t expect the players and coaches to have MLK’s eloquence, but a higher level of communcation skills is needed.

So the what in the now what is still being crafted.  The end product will look like student-athletes being more competent and confident when being interviewed, coaches and administrators being better prepared and more polished, and fans of these schools proud that not only does our team play well, but they represent my school well.

We will see what happens next, but the funny thing is that I wasn’t even taking action and action was already taking place.



One thought on “So now what?”

  1. So like charm school for athletes, but instead of teaching them which fork to use, you’re going to teach them how to speak on camera – great idea! Lots of times whenever I see anyone being interviewed I realize that it’s what they choose not to say that makes them seem more intelligent. Restraint shows character and intelligence so much more than a 10 minute diatribe.
    Good luck to you, Stevie!

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