Best laid plans…

I really do like blogging.  I never have, and probably never will, think of myself as a writer but I do enjoy getting my thoughts out to the world in this format.  I get some interesting comments from friends and people from all over the world and that is super neat.  The thing that is hard is producing content that I am happy with and producing content that I want people to read.  When I get a good idea or thought, I write it.  But the only way to build my skills, my following, and this wing of my business I need to produce more content.  So here’s the plan…

New content three days a week.

  • Original blog post on Mondays (prepare to be inspired 😉 )
  • Quick speech evaluation on Wednesdays (I’ll break down some footage and give you my insights on what I see and how they could improve)
  • One short “speech” on Fridays (I’m learning how to create podcasts and hope to be able to have these posted within a couple of weeks)

Now hopefully I can stick to this plan and start firing out some new content.  I’m also learning a little about and will be launching a new look, feel, url, and concept over the next few months that I am super excited about.

I don’t know where this is going, but I feel like putting myself on a schedule will really help me be more focused.  Get ready for the ride!




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