Content is King!

I love watching speeches!

I watch comedians perform and I’m laughing but I am enjoying a speech.  I watch the news thinking about how they are delivering their message.  I listen at elementary school functions to the facilitator and think about how we they can make it better.  I think about the post game speech I make to my son’s football team and how I can communicate more effectively to them.

Delivery is important.

Phrasing is vital.

Content is king.

If you don’t have something to say, it doesn’t matter how well you say it.  As much as we pick apart the skill a speaker may have at the end of the day it is very subjective.  Many of the biggest name speakers in the world have a style that I don’t care for and I would like them to change but I still sit and listen to their messages because of what they have to say.  And that is why most of us listen to a speaker.

The parents of the kids on my team don’t really care about body language, vocal variety, and phrasing.  They want to know what time practice is and what equipment they need to purchase for their kids.  Even if we can’t agree on President Obama’s politics, he is universally considered a polished speaker and communicator.  But as a citizen, we are much more concerned with his content.  It is important to work on your delivery and help your audience by not distracting them with poor mechanics, but at the end of the day you must have good content.

So over the next few weeks I am going to focus on content.  How I generate it; how I interpret it, and what you can do to generate better content.  Hopefully this process will help me focus on finding better content for programs I am working on.  More importantly I hope that you will be able to have better content for your discussions with your children and the presentation you have to deliver to a big client.

So here is a quick preview of generating content…

The group you are speaking to is the end-user of your content, NOT YOU

Your target audience doesn’t really care about how your speech is going to effect your life. They are interested in how what you have to say will affect them.  So just because you like your speech doesn’t mean it will have any effect on your target audience.  Think about how THEY can use your information and how you can give something from you to them that will help improve your life.

Build your content to help your end-user!




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