Don’t call it a comeback…

…I’ve been here for years.  Well maybe not quite years, but it was a good title to jump back into this thing.

Ok so I know you have all been sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what kind of brilliance I come up with (here is where you yawn or laugh or stop reading).  I’ve been in the basement.  Well not the literal basement but the basement of life.  And not super depressed basement, just off the grid.  Sometimes in life we have to stop and change direction and sometimes, life changes it for you.  Life decided to make it happen for me this time.

Saving everyone from all the details, I’ve had a family change, a housing change, a job change, and a perspective change.  Through all that I have come to one great conclusion…


Hence I’m repurposing this blog.  I tried to make it fit a niche before and now I’m going to let the niche be me.  Carlos Whittaker’s blog is awesome.  He is real and authentic and all over the place.  He is true to who he is and still gets his message across.  So I’ll give doing just me a shot.  So sometimes you are going to get sports posts and sometimes you are going to get life posts and sometimes it is going to be about tv or books or politics or whatever in the world you get.    But all of these things are temporary but at the same time temporary is forever.

We all know life is a journey.  But I’ve learned over the last year that journey is nothing more than a lot of moments.  It is those moments that make it fun, depressing, exciting, exhilarating, and sometimes frustrating.  But when we are in those moments, they feel like forever.  So here I am, in this moment, contemplating forever…

So who knows what you are about to get.  I just hope you come back and sign up for updates and keep reading.  I actually like doing this, it keeps my creative juices flowing.  Please return your tray tables and seat backs to their full upright and locked positions, we are about to land!

Oh yeah, enjoy the original…




2 thoughts on “Don’t call it a comeback…”

  1. Welcome back! I learned a long time ago not to put restrictions on what I talk about in my blog. It’s your little corner of the internet, use it however it feels right to you.
    Love me some shirtless LL! 🙂

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