Marathon man

So I had this bright idea in 2008 to run a half marathon.  It was going to be a super cool run in a small town in northeast Georgia.  I was well on my way to being ready to complete the 13.1 and then I was silly enough to volunteer to play softball.

First night

Last inning

Game two


Rounding second base I tumbled, rolled, and stared up at the sky praying my foot was not on backwards.  In reality it would have been better had I broken my ankle, but I had torn my Achilles.  I spent 8 weeks off my feet and every bit of 18 months getting back to being me.  So I have made that same ridiculous decision to try to run another half marathon this October.  So I am in training.  Four days a week I do some kind of run in preparation for my trek.  This trip back to running is very similar to my trip back in life right now.

I basically tore my life Achilles.  Starting over with a career, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The same way I was laying on my back staring at the stars preparing to relearn how to walk, I’ve been laying on my back in my room preparing to relearn how to walk in life.  So where do I start?

I guess the same way I came back from the physical injury.  Sloooooooowly.



Physical therapy











So I guess in making a recovery from life I need to go slowly as well.  The thing that stinks is that I want it all RIGHT NOW.  I remember the first day I came out of my walking boot.  I was sure I could be back running in no time.  About a month later I went out and rand and a month and one day later my ankle was as big as my head.  It is a process and I wanted to shortcut that process.

I would love to fast forward two years or three years to when I am where I am going and I’m looking back at this and it’s all a blur.  But I wouldn’t appreciate it and I’m sure I would mess it up.  So I guess I’m just going to have to just get some life crutches and gimp my way around until I can sign up for my next race.




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