2nd Grade

This is the last week of summer before Seaver goes back to school.  He is going to be a 2nd grader this year.  Obviously, I can’t believe that my little noodle boy is no longer crawling and sucking on his fingers and can now read and is a veteran of the first day of school.  I just don’t know where the time went but I couldn’t be prouder watching him grow up.

Second grade has some dad significance too.  As I have told people my entire life, second grade changed the course of my life.  Now as you snicker, just stick with me for another 300 words or so.

Growing up in my neighborhood school was something everyone did but it was far from a cornerstone of the daily fabric.  Of course everyone’s parents sent them to school and wanted them to “pass”, but in my neighborhood most of the parents worked and many of us had most of our primary care provided by grandparents.  I was lucky to have won the genetic lottery for smarts (I missed out on the cool and stylish lottery winnings though) and have been blessed with having a naturally high intellect (in other words, I was a born nerd). Having the capacity to do and doing are two different things.

Mrs. Cornish took it upon herself that year to put me in three person reading group with my first grade buddy Rob and a Sri Lankan boy named Kanishka.  We had our own little united nations going in there.  That year I not only learned a lot and started friends that I still have to this day, but I also learned a lot about being me.  I didn’t have to be like the kids in my neighborhood and I also didn’t have to be just like the kids at school.  I was a piece of both worlds and there was no reason to hide or be ashamed of either of them.

I get the pleasure of running into a lot of my teachers around town.  Many of them had HUGE impacts on me and the person I have become, but it all started turning the right direction when a teacher took interest in a snotty nosed kid with an afro.

I am sure we all have a great teacher or coach or friend that moved our lives in a certain direction.  I believe that God puts those people in our way on purpose.  By that logic, it means that most of us will be that person to somebody at some time during our lives and probably will never realize it or even realize the impact that we made.  But I don’t think any of us live to be a life changer I just believe that most of us have a lot to share and there is someone out there that really needs what we have.

Thanks Mrs. Cornish and thanks to all the Mrs. Cornish’s in your life too!




4 thoughts on “2nd Grade”

  1. My man you took me back, and being from those parts I have always had the same feelings. Good luck to Seaver and my boy Ian, who is headed to 3rd grade. They are growing fast, so I try to cheerish every momment I spend with he and his little brother. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please keep them coming.

  2. Nard,

    I know you feel my pain. All that time you and I were skateboarding and just being kids I never felt like it was ok on Arch St.

    It is awesome to see our little ones growing up in a different environment and being able to hopefully benefit from where we came from.

    Keep up the work my brother!

  3. It’s amazing how just one little thing when we are very young can set us on a certain path.
    It’s amazing to hear you talk about your son. Your love comes through so clearly in your words. He’s lucky to have such a devoted dad as you.

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