37 + Christmas + 2011

The last two weeks of any year is always a wild ride for me.  In the final two weeks of a year, I get a year older (18th), more in debt (25th), and one year closer to forever and further away from ago (1st).  Add to all of that the fact that my mother, who died when I was 17, was a Christmas baby and my holiday season is always very emotional.

So here 2010 comes to a close.  I guess I could be super reflective and go over all the mess I learned in this year.  Or I could go the other direction and list off a bunch of resolutions and changes.  But both of them don’t do much for the only thing that matters, which is right now.

The fact is that I have a pretty good life.  It is far from the world I had a couple of years ago and light years away from my dreams, but in the grand scheme of things I’m blessed.  Of course I need to lose weight, be better with money, be a better parent, be more generous, and figure out a cure for cancer.  But don’t we all?  Aren’t most resolutions just stuff we should do anyways, so why make a grand production?

2010 was a challenge and one that I will definitely never forget.  A lot of it really sucked and a lot of it was amazing.  But I really can’t explain it all in 300 words or less, so this isn’t really the place for that either.

So I take another deep, deep breath and exhale slowly.  I will enjoy this moment.  And this moment will change over and over throughout the year but the more deep breaths I take and the more I keep the moments in perspective, those moments will be amazing.  Even when they are difficult, they are mine and my life is precious and blessed, and therefore amazing.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday mom!  I love you






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