The interweb?!?

A couple of weeks ago I was going to order a pizza.  We were at basketball practice and I was working a backup (read non smart) phone.  So I went in the gym office and took a trip back to the early 90’s and used their telephone book to look up the number.  It took me forever to find the number.  I was in the yellow, white, business white, and coupon sections trying to find the Domino’s number, which made me think…

Does anyone remember what life was like before the internet?  Have you thought about it recently?

Normally I would pull out my droid x, google the number, and voila pizza.  I read my bible online.  I Facebook, I tweet, I blog, I read blogs, I look up recipes, I book flights, I pay my bills, I keep task lists, and I do life online.  It is easy and convenient.  I keep up with friends and family across the country as though they are in my neighborhood.  I have access to virtually everything short of the bathroom.

Is all this a good thing though?

I think about my son’s generation.  Will they have a clue of how to actually hold a conversation or go out on a date.  Or will it be a series of texts, tweets, Facebook page posts, and emails and magically babies are popping out.  Typing and keyword determining is a much more important skill than cursive and eye contact.

I like talking and communicating.  There is something great about being with someone and learning about their world.  Seeing their eyes blink or hearing a laugh.  Those emotions just aren’t conveyed the same way with LOL’s and OMG’s.

I read somewhere, on the internet of course, about people doing technology fasts and unplugging their lives for weeks at a time.  Now I’m not quite ready to call my computer the devil but I do think there is a lot of value in doing life the old-fashioned way from time to time and not relying so much on Dr. Google to diagnose your back pain or Mr. Wiki to tell you about the 15th president.  I like that I can hit Pandora and get a never-ending playlist of tunes that go from Tribe Called Quest, to Colt Ford, to Bon Jovi, to Rick Ross.

So maybe I’ll just effort easing back on the internet.  I don’t even know if we have an actual phone book in the house but if we do I seriously need to brush up on my skills in the event of an apocalypse.






One thought on “The interweb?!?”

  1. My sister and I were just talking about life before internet the other day. She remembered when she was in college and had a paper due then a huge snow storm hit so she couldn’t get out to go to the library. Without the library it was impossible to do resesarch. Now, you have the world’s libraries at your fingertips. I remember checking out books or copying pages so I wouldn’t have to check out the book. Now, you just Google your topic and away you go. How do you reference a web site in your biblography, though?
    I think that we are at the perfect age right now. We know how to do everything the “old” way but we are also savvy with the new technology. I am afraid of the day when the new tech is suddenly “old” and I have no idea what’s going on.

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