What’s really coming down the track?

*****I wrote this in October 2010…interesting how far or not how far we have come*****



This post is UGA football exclusively.  Read at your own risk.

Apparently it is 1993.  Now I don’t think this because I am back to wearing turtlenecks or I’m making mix tapes.  The reason it feels like ’93 is that my beloved UGA football team is 1-4 for the first time since that year.  I have vague recollections of much from that season because I was in college enjoy Florida State’s national championship season.  What I do remember is that the dawgs weren’t very good.  We were mired in the midst of mediocrity.  For the majority of the past 17 years since that awful start we have been a pretty good team and have mostly made those dark ages nothing but a memory of the past.  So here we are 1-4 and now what.  So I guess I will take a quick analysis and give my own season grades (most of this is just so I can get it out and feel like I’m not going crazy).

I looked back on the 10 year tenure of Coach Richt.  It has really been a period of great success.  We broke our 20 year SEC championship drought and have made three appearances in the SEC championship game.  We have been ranked in the top 5 at seasons end and even had a final ranking of # 2 just  a few years ago.  But the obvious fact is that we have had most of our success in the first part of the decade.  Something must have happened around 2005, I wonder what that could have been?  Oh yeah, Urban Meyer showed up at the University of Florida.  That season began with promise as the dawgs beat upstart Boise State within an inch of their lives to start the year.  I argue that since then, the program has done nothing but decline.


  • SEC championship
  • 1 regular season loss
  • Tight loss to Florida with our backup quarterback


  • 9-4 season
  • Chick Fil A bowl win
  • 3 regular season losses
  • Broke in future #1 draft pick Matt Stafford


  • 11-2 record (but were a Vandy fumble away from being 4-3 to start the season)
  • 2 regular season losses and a huge win over Florida
  • BCS bowl appearance


  • 10-3 record (began the season ranked #1)
  • 3 regular season losses
  • Blown out by Florida and Alabama


  • 8-5 record
  • 5 regular season losses
  • Bottom five in the nation in turnovers and penalized at alarming rate


  • 1-4 record
  • Lost four in a row, including three conference games
  • Complete unrest

Now as we look at the records, other than the complete 2009 season, we’ve won a lot of games.  The are a couple of big problems with just looking at the record:

  1. We don’t regularly beat good teams.  The only way we can be great again is to get to the top of our conference and we are so far from Florida and Alabama it is ridiculous
  2. We are undiscipline.  We commit penalties.  We make turnovers.  We get arrested ( a lot!).
  3. Since 2005 our regular season losses have gone 1-3-2-3-5-who knows this year; disturbing
  4. From the eyeball test, we aren’t as strong, physical, or fast
  5. We are loosing in state studs regularly to our neighbors in the conference

I bring to the court the feeling that we have been slowly eroding.

Now i look at this season.  Rather than break down each part of the team, let me just talk generalities:


We returned 10 of 11 starters on offense.  We have the most experienced offensive line in the country.  We have the most explosive WR in the country and super freaks at TE.  We have an RB tandem that was dominant at the end of last season.  The only problem with our offense was supposed to be our new QB.  Well the best player on offense has been our new QB (although AJ has been suspended).  Our offensive line has for lack of a better term, been slap sorry.  Our running back tandem has simply been underwhelming.  Our superstar receiver found some spending money in exchange for breaking an NCAA rule.  Our freak TE have been on the sides of milk cartons.  Combine all this with the fact that we have been predictable and inconsistent with our play calling.



The previous defensive coaching staff took a beating because we didn’t make turnovers, played too soft, missed tackles, and were often out of position.  So coach Richt went out and got a new staff.  Now this year, our team hasn’t really created turnovers, look cluesless on 3rd and long situtations, tackle poorly, commit critical penalties, and generally aren’t very good.  Scheme or no scheme, we just aren’t good at all on defense.  Our LB’s have been better than I thought but our secondary is 200 times worse and our DL hasn’t made any plays.  On top of that, we just don’t seem to be catching on to our new system.

D- (bordeline F)


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