BIG TEAM, little me

So I’ve made it through my intro class and my first two Crossfit 101 classes.  Holy crap I’m sore.  But I didn’t die.  I seriously feel like the weakest wuss in the world when I’m there.  But everyone is super nice and encouraging but they talk a lot of junk too.

After one whole week of this mess I’ve learned a few things

  1. I’m really weak
  2. I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was
  3. I don’t want to be last or not finish what I’m doing
  4. It sucks
  5. Its great

I’m not trying to tackle everything in my life.  I’m not making major diet changes.  I’m trying to watch things a little more, but I’m definitely not going on the Zone or Paleo yet (I’m a super picky eater, dieting will be a challenge).  We had major changes this week at work (more on that story later) and it really was a challenge to make myself go workout and choose not to have Taco Bell every day and drink 100 sodas.  This thing is baby steps.  If I can see some progress at the end of the month, that will really help me take another step.

Enjoy your weekend folks






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