Crossfit is an interesting culture.  Before I started to attend, I read for a couple of weeks about what to expect.  I watched videos of exercises and people’s transformations.  I followed a friend of mine and looked at his progress.  The reality is that it works.  Truth be told though, diet and exercise are still the undefeated world tag team champions of health and weight loss.  So what makes CF special?

Crossfit folks are a little cultish.  I’m not saying Branch Dividians cultish, but these folks go hard.  I bet that 90% of the people I have met there have said something to me about becoming addicted to CF.  They/We use terminology like “box” and “Wod” to describe where we go and what we do.  Everyone is on the same team and everyone is pulling for, pushing, and encouraging their teammates to do more and be better.  The trainers are referred to as coaches and live a fine line between that junk-talking punk shooting pool at the bar and Dr. Phil (How’s that working for ya’?).

The think you need to avoid is watching the Crossfit Games before you attend.  These guys are serious freaks, in a good way of course.  I was scared that was going to be the attendees at every class, but luckily it’s not the case.  Now there are several freaks in the classes.  There are a lot of young people who are still in there prime and a lot of runners that have crossed over.   I have also seen a 60-year-old couple, a new mother trying to lose baby weight, and another fat dad up in there too.

CF isn’t for everyone though.  It is very, very hard.  And the structure of how they teach can be very intimidating.  You never know what the skill level in a class will be and everyone works together.  You might have 5lbs of weight on your bar and the person next to you has 300lbs on theirs, it can be overwhelming.

I have no idea what my end goal is.  Actually they are very vague.

Get Stronger

Get more fit

Lose a few lbs

If nothing else I can do that just by sticking with it.

One thing I have learned in my two weeks in the “box”.  I can still do a cart-wheel; can you?






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