Success is…?

I’m a numbers person.  I use them to be successful everyday.  I track them to show my son’s success in school and sports.  Numbers are great because  they are clear and they should trends, success, and regression.  Life is a little more vague when it comes to what success looks like.

This journey to better health doesn’t really have a target other than “better”.  I know that losing weight is a part, but i don’t know how much or how fast.  I know that getting stronger will help everything, but i also have a low baseline to measure from.  Eating healthy is a great objective, but what does that look like for me?

My plan is really a wait and see approach.  I want to workout for a month first.  I’m not changing diet or lifestyle or habits.  I’m just trying to be committed for thirty days. 

The next thirty days the goal is become a three time a week gym person and to make some simple diet adjustments in portions, beverage consumption, and frequency.  I’m such a picky eater that I know I’ll have to be progressive with diet changes.

I truly want life change.  My mother died at 41 and my father is in terrible health.  Neither of them took care of themselves and ultimately paid the price.  At 40 I’m finally starting to start over with the next part of my life.  I don’t want to be sore and winded for the duration. 

So what do you think success will look like?  For today it was simple…I went to the gym, even though I didn’t want to.  That’s a good day.




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