Guaranteed lemons

When in Rome

When life gives you lemons

We all have trials

Relapse is part of recovery




Most of us walk through life preaching these things to our friends in need or in trouble.  We can use all these great words of wisdom because it isn’t us.  We sincerely hope for the best for our friends and loved ones and secretly breathe a sigh of relief that we are not the one’s in dire straits.

It is a safe assumption, though, that you will encounter the other side of the coin.  And then what?  After you smile and listen to everyone try to keep your spirits up, encourage you to do better, or simply sit and listen to your story…THEN WHAT?

Usually I want to give up or complain or feel sorry for myself.  Occasionally I’ll be mad, upset, or want to get even.  When my head is truly on straight, my first move is to get on my knees and pray.  But then I actually have to do something.  Then comes the complicated part of taking that step toward the light.

There never is a time when you are more unsure of your footing than when you just got knocked down.  Knees wobbling, eyes watered, and backed into a corner.  But we have to get up.  The human spirit is built to survive and be inspirational.  It requires a step…just one step.

So if we know troubles are guaranteed and we know that we will survive and we know that our survival will inspire others…why do we not trust that we will get through?

So as I sit here preparing to make lemonade I realize that I must take a drink of my own concoction.  I must pull upon the strength of those that have come before me and survived.  I must lean into my faith in God and his will for my life.  I must not pout and I must not let the adversity in my life be the tapestry to which my story is woven.






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