Please Hold

As I start writing this, I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes with AT&T.  How much time in your life have you spent just sitting on hold, standing in line, or generally waiting for something to happen.  I have tried to estimate the amount of time I’ve spent at the ballpark waiting for my son to play and I came up with approximately 2.7 light years.

Usually when I’m waiting I’m killing social media or messaging friends on my phone (what in the world did people do in the dark ages when we actually had to speak to people?).  Waiting for people to come back to me on the phone has inspired me to doodle amazing works of art, practice my signature for when I get famous, work on my grocery list, and even once filed my toenails at my desk (I had a private office at the time).

Now here’s my point to this ramble…

What if your life is on hold?

  • Holding for a mate
  • Holding for a child
  • Holding for a job
  • Holding for a break
  • Holding for sobriety

How much of our lives to we waste on hold waiting on something?  And more importantly how much of this time are we doing something useless like doodling or practicing you pageant wave (not me, but I have seen my secretary do it).  That is valuable time and space that we can never get back that just disappears as we wait for something to fill it.  As with most things in our lives if we aren’t actively filling the space, someone or something does it for us.  So as we wait our time gets filled with bad habits, bad people, and bad situations that often time have a bad habit of extending our wait time.  It is almost as if you get disconnected from AT&T and have to start the discussion all over again (as info, it has now been 28 minutes on hold).  And as you race that hamster wheel of life you are exhausted but somehow in the exact same spot.

So if you’re on hold right now, do something.  I can’t tell you what to do but something has to be better than waiting for nothing to happen.  I chose to write while on hold.  The reality is that I should choose to write or work on a speech every time I am in life holding pattern.  We are all waiting on something how much longer will you allow yourself to sit on hold drawing constellations that don’t exist?

(31 minutes and still holding)






2 thoughts on “Please Hold”

  1. I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for things to happen TO me instead of making them happen FOR me. I can tell ya, one yields results a LOT faster than the other. 🙂

    1. I mean if you really want results then making things happen is clearly the way to go lol. Waiting is easier though; we like easy don’t we?

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