Day 2

Well, well, well…day 2 was supposed to be a disaster:







Much to my surprise, I had NONE OF THAT, so I’m…

The video is not only the right title, but I was bouncing around all day like I was an extra for Pharrell in the shoot.  My secretary posted on Facebook that I was “geeked up”.  All jokes aside, I felt amazing.

I slept fairly well, although still not the magic sleep that it is supposed to inspire.  I arrived at work ready to consume some sustenance.  About 15 minutes after that first sip it was as if I had put super high-octane fuel in my body.  My thoughts cleared, my mood was excellent, I was smiling, happy, and generally ready to rock and roll.

I discovered something else during day two, I don’t hate the juices.  The reality is that some of them were actually pretty good and even at one point I was craving the taste of one of them.  I did discover that, for me, they are a million times better when they are ice-cold.  I was also able to slide much more easily into my work pants (I did jump on the scale, but I’m going to save the results for you guys at the end of the 10 days).

The day was pretty smooth.  My fasting partners at work and I joined a local gym as well and went for the first time as well.  When I returned to work I definitely needed a pick me up and the my handy juice bottle was there waiting for me.

I am surprised and amazed and happy and optimistic and feeling great.  Hopefully it keeps getting better as my body adjusts to everything.  The craziest thing is I have already gotten my brother and a good friend to jump onto trying this for themselves.  I’m not going as far as calling myself a real juicer, but I am definitely well on my way.  See you guys tomorrow.






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