Looking Back-Part 2

It’s all in your head…

I really could sign off now on this post, because that’s the big idea.  So much of how I’ve programmed myself to consume food and drinks is totally in my head.

I’m supposed to have a biscuit at 7:30
I need to have a soda to get me going in the morning
I think its time for a snack mid morning
Since I ordered this entire plate of food I have to eat it
I haven’t eaten in four hours, I think I need pizza

I’ve read piles of information on the web about how many meals or how many calories we should and need to consume.  Some of the guys say six small meals and some people say two big meals with three snacks and some people say two meal replacements, one meal, and one trip around the block on a pogo stick.  The one common denominator I found with every one of these approaches is that they ALL had me consuming way fewer of everything than I was.  That’s not really taking into account me trying to lose weight, this was simply looking at how I should be eating.

I discovered on the first day of the fast how powerful my brain and my habits had been.  On the way to the office on day one, I found my stomach was growling and I was “hungry” at about 7:45.  That is also, coincidentally, about the same time I stopped every morning to grab a biscuit for breakfast (it is the most important meal of the day  right?).  Later in the day I was driving around listening to the Atlanta Braves game and the announcers were talking about ice cream and my mouth instantly started watering.  My sister text me later, not realizing I was fasting yet, and asked me if I was familiar with some new kind of chip that is out.  My tummy again started growling, and I didn’t even care for the combination of items on the chip.

Your body is designed to let you know when you need to eat.  Unfortunately humans have messed this up and flipped it around where we tell our body when it is time to eat.  I truly believe that over time I have programmed my stomach to growl and grimace when things are not typical.  This self-fulfilling prophecy then leads to eating whatever is within sight and is easy.  Add in aging, slower metabolism, and less activity and you end up Type 2 obese at 40.

As I’m typing this it is noon and I am just now having my first juice of the day.  I woke up at about 7:30.  That’s almost five hours.  And truthfully I wasn’t feeling hungry, but I know I need to get some vitamins and calories in my system so I don’t crash.  That’s after having my last juice at about 9 last night.

There continues to be things I’m learning about all of my life from the fast and my relationship with food.  Even if you don’t challenge yourself with a juice fast, I think it’s a good thing for all of us to challenge ourselves with something way outside our comfort zone and see what we learn about ourselves.






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