Looking back-Part 3

You’ve gotta have faith

Let me start with saying that Jesus Christ is my personal lord and savior.  I became a Christian on September 11, 2005.  I love the Lord but like all of us who are forgiven, we are all; INCLUDING AND ESPECIALLY ME, sinners.  I’m far a theological scholar.  I should definitely read my bible more.  I should definitely pray more.  I absolutely don’t have it figured out yet.

When I decided to do this juice fast I knew that it would be a test of willpower, a challenge my body and mind, and something that I truly didn’t believe I could accomplish on my own.  So I looked up and talked to God about it.  I knew that fasting is biblical, Jesus did it.  I knew that it could be a really cool spiritual experience.  But really I knew that my earthly body was not going to be strong enough to go cold turkey on turkey sandwiches.  I had researched and read and watched films about what I was about to go through and intellectually I was ready but my heart and spirit weren’t even in the neighborhood of ready to just drink juice for 10 days.  I knew that the only way that I was going to be able to do this is with the help of my heavenly Father.

I don’t really know where you are or where these words land.  It is not my typically humorous style of presenting stuff.  I’m sure there are plenty of eyes that aren’t Christians or don’t believe in any kind of God and that’s ok, I believe that He is real and that He loves all of us unconditionally.  I also believe that when things are too hard to bear He can lift that weight so you can continue on.

Now I realize that I’m not fighting cancer or going through losing a child or in complete financial shambles.  I am talking about juicing.  But I also believe that God is pretty big and pretty cool and if your burden is death or your burden is a diet change He can, and will, meet you where you are.  So I leaned into Him and I picked up the bible and I started praying…A LOT.

A friend, who has fasted several times for spiritual reasons, told me that every time he gets hungry it is an opportunity to turn to God.  So I took that approach.  Since I was consuming some calories and plenty of vitamins I didn’t have many true hungry moments but every time I open a bottle of beets or greens or something that I don’t like and have really never consumed, I have prayed.  Some of them quick some of them long but all of them were basically the same.  Thank you Lord and please help me choke down this Beet zinger.

If I’ve learned nothing else from this fast is that not only is it healthy, but there are so many unintended benefits that come from doing this.  Juicing has let me talk about juicing and health and relationships and faith to people who read me hear and to people who I have encountered.  I’ve been able to dialog with my son, who has the same picky eating genes that I do, and at least open up the possibility of him trying some of these things one day.  I still don’t have a clue what my life will look like after the fast.  Just like with my diet, sometimes my faith needs a detox and a reboot to get back on track I guess.






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