Day 6 (the weekend)

For the better part of the past seven years, most of my weekends are consumed with baseball.  I absolutely love it, but it hasn’t really helped my relationship with food.  About a million drive through stops, countless hot dogs, and soda on top of soda on top of soda.  The other weekends have been just as poor habitually.  Even without baseball on the radar this weekend, I knew it would be a challenge.

Friday night there was a party with friends.

Saturday I played golf with a good buddy.

Sunday my son and I hung out and chilled.

Three absolute landmines for someone trying to stay on the juice train.

Amazingly enough, it really wasn’t that hard.  Habits are hard to break, so my plan for Friday night was to keep something in my hands the entire night.  So I spent three hours with a juice in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.  I really didn’t think about the consequences of this costume, but it was the greatest conversation starter ever.  I spent an evening explaining the benefits of juicing, the reasons why I’m doing it, and how it is making me feel.  An absolute winning proposition all the way around.  I even managed to get my son to smell them all and even, almost, take a sip of one of them.

Saturday I discovered them limits of juicing.  It was hot and sunny and evidently four hours of being outside in it and walking a course was too much for my 1000 calories.  I was completely drained by the time the round was over.  At the halfway point of the round a hot dog and a powerade sounded like heaven on earth.  But I continued to trudge through and made it to the end.  I had to fight my eyeballs to stay up past 9 pm that night.

Sunday was great.  I woke up without an alarm.  I was refreshed all day and really enjoyed hanging with my son even more than normal.  The challenges of cooking for him were really not an issue either.  I was full and satisfied and didn’t finish all of my final drink for the night.

I’m sleeping great, feeling great, looking better, and generally pretty excited about what’s going on.  The other positive event from the weekend was getting a juicer from a friend that wasn’t in use.  I’ll be locked and loaded to continue my juice evolution after we finish the fast.  Four more days to go y’all.  I seriously can’t believe I made it this far.






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