So you wanna fast?

Next week I’m going to start my second round of a ten day juice fast.  I knew after the first one that I would want to make it a regular part of my life.  I’ve maintained pretty good eating habits since I finished round one, but my eating schedule and juice intake has gotten off since I started my new job.  The holidays are also coming and I want to reset things, plus my body it’s actually craving some green juice.

One of the cool things about juicing is people ask me about it and I get to get a testimonial on my results.   There’s also been a handful of people that have tried or are interested in trying juicing.  So this time I’m going to attempt to give a playbook of what I’m doing. 

The tools needed for this experiment are simple.  You need a juicer (not a blender), a blender (we will be doing smoothies with this fast), 12/18 small 12 ounce containers that are refillable, a scale, a tape measure, and a camera. 
The appliances are self explanatory, part of this process is making the juices yourself from fresh fruits and vegetables.  The containers are needed because you need to be able to carry them everywhere you go and have easy access to them.  The scale, tape measure, and camera are for progress.  The pictures and measuring will probably be harder for some of you than the actual fast.  I promise that when you finish and as you get healthier, you’ll want to see where you came from. 

I’ll lay out the plan and the first grocery list in the next few days.  Come on and try it, you don’t have anything to lose but pounds.




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