I will never play in the major leagues!

Welcome and thanks so much for taking the time to visit me! I hope that your stay is enjoyable and quite possibly educational.  When I was a child, I wanted to play in the major leagues.  I worked as hard as I could, but eventually I realized that I was never talented enough to make it to the show.  I have also let go of my dream play on the PGA tour, be a quarterback, and be on SportCenter.  But I still have one dream left…

I remember clearly as a five or six year old child coming home from church and “preaching” for hours about whatever a six year old had to say.  I entered my first speech contest in the 4th grade and totally bombed.  Throughout the years I didn’t realize I was preparing and giving speeches my whole life.  Whether they were to my high school band prior to a football game, to my fraternity pledge class as we practiced for our step show, or to employees and co workers as we rolled out some new training.

The casual speaking turned a little more formal in the fall of 2006 when I joined Athens Toastmasters Club 1779 . There I actually discovered that I not only liked speaking in front of people, but was actually pretty good at it. The beauty of Toastmasters is that you get to learn and fall on your face in front of people that become your friends. I recommend everyone check out a meeting somewhere, sometime.

Toastmasters International is also competitive (imagine Adult debate club!). And every year they crown their “World Champion of Public Speaking”. I had been lucky enough to win contests for humorous speaking and table topics (speaking off the top of your head), but I had never even been able to compete in the international speech contest until this year.

So as I toil working on creating, writing, delivering, and improving my speech I am finally starting to see what it may really be like to be a professional speaker. I am lucky enough to have met some amazing speakers at the club that are so helpful and encouraging and actually have a clue as to “what to do next”. So this is where I will chronicle the journey. It may be a short journey and I will have to transition to writing about UGA sports, but it is a journey nonetheless.

So sit back, relax, buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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