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As I recall from my childhood, summer usually went from the first week of June until Labor Day.  It seemed like it was forever.  This year schools were out by mid-May and are returning to school the first week of August.  This summer has flown by with an extra pace because of the events…


High school student death #1

Broken window in-car

State tournament baseball finals

College World Series

Broken wrist

High school student death #2

Visit from China

Loss of projector in the PB

Baseball tryout

Loss of a dog

Death of high school teacher


Now I’m sure that everyone had plenty of stuff happen this summer as well, but for some reason it seems as though mine has flown by at an even more break neck pace.  Summer flew by in a flash.  So now as the weather considers cooling off a bit I need to put my hands back on the wheel a little bit and slow this boat down.  I’ve learned this summer that Crossfit is too hard for me, that my train wreck relational history can actually help people, that my son is no longer a little boy and totally a young man, and that our company is going to do amazing things in the future.

2014 is winding down and I need to come up with some things to accomplish that don’t involve fantasy football, tailgating, and playing Xbox.  So I’ll spend the next few days/posts to talk about a few goals and put them out there in writing and let’s see how much I suck or don’t suck come 1/1/15.






Challenge 1: Move, Maintain, Music

So here I go on Carlos’ fit by Fourth journey.  Funding severely put a kink in my Crossfit workouts, so I’ve been taking what I learned and trying to stay active this last few weeks while my bank account becomes more accepting of my physical needs (probably for the best as well, I know I was on the line of pushing too far and hurting myself).

To start the journey it was a simple 3 day, 3 step challenge:


The challenge here was to simply move more than you normally would and to not do anything that you really don’t like to do as part one and then to complete a fitness challenge in part two.  With it being a weekend baseball tournament, I usually sit in my chair and just watch my son play, but I made a point to walk…a lot…constantly.  I  don’t have a clue how long or how far, but I know I did a lot more activity this weekend than any other tournament weekend all fall.

40 air squats

30 sit ups

20 push ups

10 burpees

Lots of heavy breathing and tight muscles

Time: 6 minutes and 24 seconds.

This will be our baseline workout to measure our progress.  I’d love to get a minute off this time over this seven weeks.



This part of the challenge was simple.  Maintain your diet.  I’ve always believed that it is way too hard to try to change multiple things about your life at the same time, so I’m very pro not going salad only.  The challenge, though, was to record what I ate for the weekend.

  • Friday
    • Egg & cheese sandwich
    • Chicken burrito with Rice
    • Ham & turkey sandwich and chips
  • Saturday (Isnacked on chips  andpowerade a lot this day being at the park)
    • Breakfast scramble (biscuit, gravy, peppers, cheese)
    • Hot dog, chips, soda
    • Cheeseburger and fries from the grill
  • Sunday
    • Sausage burrito from McDonald’s and a giant soda
    • Chicken nuggets
    • Bacon cheeseburger and fries from Wendy’s

I realize the biggest room for weight loss and health improvement is my diet.  I’m looking forward to hearing what Los has to say about the diet portion.



Carlos is a worship leader, and a very good one.  Step three was to come up with a song or two or three or three million that is your all time go to jam for getting pumped up.  I as well love music and studied it in college.  Just picking one song is about impossible, but this one has gotten me over several humps throughout the years.



Challenge one COMPLETE!

On to round  two.









Crossfit is an interesting culture.  Before I started to attend, I read for a couple of weeks about what to expect.  I watched videos of exercises and people’s transformations.  I followed a friend of mine and looked at his progress.  The reality is that it works.  Truth be told though, diet and exercise are still the undefeated world tag team champions of health and weight loss.  So what makes CF special?

Crossfit folks are a little cultish.  I’m not saying Branch Dividians cultish, but these folks go hard.  I bet that 90% of the people I have met there have said something to me about becoming addicted to CF.  They/We use terminology like “box” and “Wod” to describe where we go and what we do.  Everyone is on the same team and everyone is pulling for, pushing, and encouraging their teammates to do more and be better.  The trainers are referred to as coaches and live a fine line between that junk-talking punk shooting pool at the bar and Dr. Phil (How’s that working for ya’?).

The think you need to avoid is watching the Crossfit Games before you attend.  These guys are serious freaks, in a good way of course.  I was scared that was going to be the attendees at every class, but luckily it’s not the case.  Now there are several freaks in the classes.  There are a lot of young people who are still in there prime and a lot of runners that have crossed over.   I have also seen a 60-year-old couple, a new mother trying to lose baby weight, and another fat dad up in there too.

CF isn’t for everyone though.  It is very, very hard.  And the structure of how they teach can be very intimidating.  You never know what the skill level in a class will be and everyone works together.  You might have 5lbs of weight on your bar and the person next to you has 300lbs on theirs, it can be overwhelming.

I have no idea what my end goal is.  Actually they are very vague.

Get Stronger

Get more fit

Lose a few lbs

If nothing else I can do that just by sticking with it.

One thing I have learned in my two weeks in the “box”.  I can still do a cart-wheel; can you?





BIG TEAM, little me

So I’ve made it through my intro class and my first two Crossfit 101 classes.  Holy crap I’m sore.  But I didn’t die.  I seriously feel like the weakest wuss in the world when I’m there.  But everyone is super nice and encouraging but they talk a lot of junk too.

After one whole week of this mess I’ve learned a few things

  1. I’m really weak
  2. I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was
  3. I don’t want to be last or not finish what I’m doing
  4. It sucks
  5. Its great

I’m not trying to tackle everything in my life.  I’m not making major diet changes.  I’m trying to watch things a little more, but I’m definitely not going on the Zone or Paleo yet (I’m a super picky eater, dieting will be a challenge).  We had major changes this week at work (more on that story later) and it really was a challenge to make myself go workout and choose not to have Taco Bell every day and drink 100 sodas.  This thing is baby steps.  If I can see some progress at the end of the month, that will really help me take another step.

Enjoy your weekend folks





April Fool’s Day…I split my pants

When I originally starting writing this blog  I just wanted to record my journey in a Toastmasters contest.  It was a fun journey and I discovered I really liked writing.  I kept at it for a while, moved to a different URL, lost a job, got divorced, and eventually stopped writing.  A lot can happen in 5 years.  The person I am now is totally different as well as totally the same.

I had one of those potentially life changing moments at work the other day.  I got into my car to head in and I hear a horrible sound…


Then a fresh breeze

“Holy crap I just split my pants”

I guess I’ve gotten a little heavy over the past few years and I guess it finally hit a breaking point.



I realize that you may be reading this and really be struggling with your weight.  I’m not making light of your situation, just describing how I feel.

So on April fools day I am starting Crossfit officially.  I haven’t been an active gym person in more than 15 years at least.  I run on occasion and try to chase my little boy around as much as possible, but I need some help.

So in many of the same ways that I began the blog to chronicle my speaking travels, I’m bringing it back so I can chronicle my battle with the LBS.  I’m not trying become super buff or compete or have some ridiculous weight loss goal.  I just don’t want to split anymore jeans.

I’m also not going to promote what I’m doing.  If you used to read me, thanks for coming back.  If you want to share, great.  But just like in the beginning its about journalling and the journey.

Please return your tray tables to the upright position…the kid is back.