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Second batch


I’ve discovered in doing this and keeping a budget is using what you have and playing with the recipes you like in order to get new tastes.  It takes a little practice and a few mistakes, but eventually you figure out what goes together and how to fix it if it doesn’t taste good (never, ever waste a juice).

This is what i came up with in the lab for this second batch

Pat O’Brien

Spinach, kale, Apple, Mandarin sunrise, grapes


Orange, carrots, sweet potato, ginger, romaine, lemon, lime


Apple, Orange, grape, lemon

Everything is mixed to taste and they are all yummy. Experiment and see what kind of wonderful creations you can come up with.




Round 4 begins


In two hours we bought groceries ($55 for two people for about five days), created 15 juices, prepped for ninja smoothies for tomorrow, cleaned, and made a last supper of veggie quesadillas.  The menu these first few days is


Beets, ginger, cucumber, lemon, apples, spinach


Beets, orange, carrot, sweet potato, ginger, spinach, kale, pineapple, lime

Sea Breeze

Pineapple, cucumber, apple, kiwi


Spinach, kale, mandarin sunshine, agave, lime

No excuses y’all.  Let’s do this.





So you wanna join me you say?

Ok first of all here’s the disclaimer

****Please consult your physician****

I really don’t know where to start teaching anyone else how to do what I’ve done because most of it has been trial by error but I’m going to give it a shot.  I am going  to place all the juicing information on their own static pages for easy access and you can find them all under Juicing 101 at the top of the page.

I’m going to post what I buy, what I make, and how it tastes daily here.  If you are waiting for me to put stuff up before you make yours you’ll be a day behind my process, but you’ll have it all here for your digestion.





Fruit Cake?

Oh the weather outside is frightful…and so is fruit cake!


I was at a Christmas party with friends over the weekend and discovered that someone who I have known for years actually likes fruit cake.  Considering I didn’t realize that anyone actually consumed the gelatinous creations, I was even more shocked that someone I consider a friend considers them a delicacy.

It is amazing what you can find out about people if you just ask questions and listen.  In the same way that a fruit cake has all kinda “stuff” that is surrounded with different types of “goo” and shaped with some type of special “filling”, most of the people in your life are similarly fruit cake-ish.  Considering I don’t know how you actually consume an actual fruit cake (I believe that it is sliced, but possibly it is pulled like pork, I’m not sure), I can’t make this metaphor preserve nearly as well as the magic of a jelly loaf.  In whatever way you gain access to your seasonal party in your mouth I would assume that it makes a sound when you cut into it.  I’ve asked people questions over the years that I clearly remember hearing a sound in the pregnant pause while they were attempting to create an answer.

Are you still seeing her?

What happened that night after the concert?

Did you mean for your hair to end up that way?

If a horse is a horse of course of course, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Silence can be some of the loudest moments of your life.

FC appears to be a fairly busy taste concoction.  I’m betting that no two bites are the same (either because of the layers of fruit or the fact that the actual loaf has changed its physical properties several times since its actual preparation).  There’s a lot of challenge when you are really asking questions but one of the biggest is that each successive question can give you not only a different answer but a completely different set of questions.  If you didn’t know that someone had a certain experience until you asked, you definitely don’t know where the conversation is heading next. Listening is a skill but we don’t give asking questions any credit for being an equally important skill.

Ultimately I think the most magical thing about squishy fruit bread is the fact that not only is it a holiday spectacular but it stays, in its current state, FOREVER.  One of my bits of advice I’ve given to my female friends over the years when they were interested in boys is for them to pay attention to the amount of questions he asks about you.  When someone is genuinely interested in you, they want to know you and ask lots of questions about you and your life.  Answers don’t go away, they stay with you forever.  You may not be able to recall them all, but they are there…in the same state they were given to you.  That knowledge of the people in your life is what creates depth in relationships.  I think we all crave deep, meaningful relationships (at least we crave them more than fruit cake).

After we were done teasing our friend about fruit cakes we continued with our festivities.  There were several other moments in the evening where I learned new things about my friend’s lives.  Luckily I was not required to actually learn what fruit cake does to one’s pallet after white wine.  In the interest of full disclosure, I did sample fruit cake once in my twenties…it has now replaced a filling I lost in a tooth since it is still with me all these years later.



So you wanna fast?

Next week I’m going to start my second round of a ten day juice fast.  I knew after the first one that I would want to make it a regular part of my life.  I’ve maintained pretty good eating habits since I finished round one, but my eating schedule and juice intake has gotten off since I started my new job.  The holidays are also coming and I want to reset things, plus my body it’s actually craving some green juice.

One of the cool things about juicing is people ask me about it and I get to get a testimonial on my results.   There’s also been a handful of people that have tried or are interested in trying juicing.  So this time I’m going to attempt to give a playbook of what I’m doing. 

The tools needed for this experiment are simple.  You need a juicer (not a blender), a blender (we will be doing smoothies with this fast), 12/18 small 12 ounce containers that are refillable, a scale, a tape measure, and a camera. 
The appliances are self explanatory, part of this process is making the juices yourself from fresh fruits and vegetables.  The containers are needed because you need to be able to carry them everywhere you go and have easy access to them.  The scale, tape measure, and camera are for progress.  The pictures and measuring will probably be harder for some of you than the actual fast.  I promise that when you finish and as you get healthier, you’ll want to see where you came from. 

I’ll lay out the plan and the first grocery list in the next few days.  Come on and try it, you don’t have anything to lose but pounds.



That’s what friends are for

The fast is over and tomorrow I will reveal the results.  I’m seriously excited to see what the final tally will be and where I will go from there.  For today, let’s talk about your support system.

Accountability, authentic, and transparency are super-cool buzzwords that people like to throw around these days.  Ultimately it is about people being personally accountable for their actions and outcomes and not putting on a face for the world.


I really don’t think I know very many people who are good at this.  We all put on a show and let people in only on a surface level.  I don’t necessarily think that you need to tell everyone you see all of your business, but you do need people in your life that hold you accountable and push you to do more.

“I want the kind of friends that love me enough to meet me where I am but love me so much not to leave me there”

I don’t know where I hear this, but it is not my quote.  I believe we want, crave, and need these kind of relationships in our lives.  What in the world does this have to do with juicing (I told you the other day that this stuff is just like relationships)?

I don’t think there is any way that I could have done this fast without the help and support of my coworkers that undertook it with me.  The reason I know this is because I have always quit on these kind of life change/health events within the first third of the adventure.  And I have tried short, long, exercise, diet, and activity changes that were much, much easier than fasting yet I didn’t have near the success.

We went through all the mess together.
We texted each other when we struggled.
We celebrated each and every day with each other.
We could understand each other’s misery.

There was something magical about coming in each day and knowing that everyone I was looking at all day was in the same boat as I am.

I guess I need to formally thank my coworkers for doing this nonsense.  I couldn’t have made it through the third day without knowing that I would be put on the spot the next day about the waffle I consumed.  If you are even a little, itty-bitty, teensy bit interested in maybe juicing then I would say find someone who is going to do this with you.  Preferably someone who you interact with daily.  I’m sure there is someone at your office or your house or in your neighborhood that could lose a couple of LB’s and would team up with you.

Challenge extended–movement to be continued

Now for the real reason that I wrote this post:





Looking back-Part 1

It is Saturday morning and rather than talking about day 4, which was basically just like day 3, I figured I’d look back on this process and journey and what I’ve learned about myself and food.

I’ve had a running joke the last few years that I only eat 12 things.  That really isn’t that far from the truth.  My family grew up lower middle class.  My parents were never married and I was raised primarily by my grandparents and my Aunt.  We had welfare food and from an early age I remember just not like very much because most of it tasted like sand.  I was a skinny kid and it was always a challenge when I was somewhere that wasn’t home, to find things to eat.  As a teenager I started to like and consume in mass quantities fast food and easy food, because it was easy and it actually tasted good to me.  I had a therapist once talk about how I learned the majority of my relationship skills as a child and they would be tough to “unlearn”.  I guess my bad relationship with food started there too.

Over the years my palate has improved but my eating habits really have not.  Lots of starch, lots of carbs, and lots of sugar…then you sprinkle in a pile of caffeine on top of it and you have a molotov cocktail of fat and sloppy at age 40.  I’ve always said I didn’t really like the gym and I don’t stick to running plans unless there is a race.  I think some of the problem might be that I was trying to fly a jet plan with 87 octane fuel.


People love to sit around the table with friends and family and eat.  It is an event.  People buy houses because of the cool kitchen or the way you can entertain your friends and family.  People have date night at restaurants and have family events with cookouts and pot luck dinners.  People grab hot dogs and pizza at ballparks because it is a habit and its part of what makes it fun.  And it should be fun, but I think that some of the convenience and fun of eating has slanted my personal relationship with food.

I’m far from an anatomy and physiology scholar or a biologist, but I have learned a little over the past few weeks about how the body works.  The reality is that I have done a terrible job of taking care of myself.  It shows on the scale, it shows in my complexion, and it shows in my energy level.  Now I’m not saying that I’ve done it all wrong my whole life, because for the most part I’m a pretty happy dude.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ve been off in my food relationship as well.

I’ve got a pile of relationship theories that I have used to help advise friends over the years (and yes Doctors make the worse patients).  One of the things I’ve always believed is that, just like in sales, you must negotiate from a position of strength rather than a position of weakness.  Successful relationships are a win-win for both parties.  You give and you take but both parties have something to gain from the interaction.  The relationship I’ve had with food has not been from a position of strength.  I have eaten convenient, easy, processed meals that make me happy but really aren’t giving my body what it craves.  I truly think that because that is what I ate, it is what I’ve continued to eat.  I think that I’ve taught my body, over the years, that when I’m hungry to eat some junk.

I guess I didn’t realize I had this much to say.  So I guess I will break this thing up into parts so people can actually digest it.





Please Hold

As I start writing this, I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes with AT&T.  How much time in your life have you spent just sitting on hold, standing in line, or generally waiting for something to happen.  I have tried to estimate the amount of time I’ve spent at the ballpark waiting for my son to play and I came up with approximately 2.7 light years.

Usually when I’m waiting I’m killing social media or messaging friends on my phone (what in the world did people do in the dark ages when we actually had to speak to people?).  Waiting for people to come back to me on the phone has inspired me to doodle amazing works of art, practice my signature for when I get famous, work on my grocery list, and even once filed my toenails at my desk (I had a private office at the time).

Now here’s my point to this ramble…

What if your life is on hold?

  • Holding for a mate
  • Holding for a child
  • Holding for a job
  • Holding for a break
  • Holding for sobriety

How much of our lives to we waste on hold waiting on something?  And more importantly how much of this time are we doing something useless like doodling or practicing you pageant wave (not me, but I have seen my secretary do it).  That is valuable time and space that we can never get back that just disappears as we wait for something to fill it.  As with most things in our lives if we aren’t actively filling the space, someone or something does it for us.  So as we wait our time gets filled with bad habits, bad people, and bad situations that often time have a bad habit of extending our wait time.  It is almost as if you get disconnected from AT&T and have to start the discussion all over again (as info, it has now been 28 minutes on hold).  And as you race that hamster wheel of life you are exhausted but somehow in the exact same spot.

So if you’re on hold right now, do something.  I can’t tell you what to do but something has to be better than waiting for nothing to happen.  I chose to write while on hold.  The reality is that I should choose to write or work on a speech every time I am in life holding pattern.  We are all waiting on something how much longer will you allow yourself to sit on hold drawing constellations that don’t exist?

(31 minutes and still holding)





Crick in my neck


Getting old SUCKS!


I remember being 21 and being indestructible.  I could party for a week straight on zero sleep, play basketball all day, go to class, pass tests, go to my PT job, drive across the state, hit the gym, eat anything, and still stand around looking for something else to conquer.  Now I stand at the ballpark for an afternoon watching my son play and I have to come home and ice my knees so I don’t look like Fred Sanford the next day.

The only benefit of getting old is that I’m not quite as stupid as I was back then.  Whether its “forgetting to pay” for Crab legs or getting pregnant or an overdose or simply doing daily dumb stuff with money…kids are dumb.

I’m writing all this because I have had a crick in my neck for three days.  That’s not normal.  It is getting better.  But it has been three freaking days, seriously not normal at all.  It makes sleeping difficult and driving dangerous.  I have to think when I’m on the phone and trying to multitask.  It is just a pain.

Life is kind of funny when it humbles you and makes you appreciate things.  I’ve been in a funk lately in some ways.  I’ve been spending time with friends of mine that are super successful with life, family, and careers.  I’ve got some friends that really have done well for themselves.  They haven’t abandoned me even though I’m “not on their level” anymore.  It is just depressing to roll up in my hooptie to a super nice golf course and pull out my 10-year-old golf clubs, thrift store outfit, and three weeks of budget just so I can afford to play.  And then I get a crick in my neck.


Simple things become hard

Hard things become excruciating

You have to think your way through a shower

Parking the car becomes a process


A little, bitty kink above my shoulders and below my chin totally change my perspective.  The thankful list is WAY LONGER than the cranky list.   As much as I wished I had a nice car, normal family, and money in the bank what I do have is a safe car, friends and family that love me, and the means to support myself.  That is a pretty good place to be.  The only difference between my successful buddies and me is they don’t have a kink.  My neck will work itself out as will the rest of my life.  Even with the discomfort, I can still live my life and be happy.  I just can’t look over my shoulder right now (and is that really a bad thing to not look over your shoulder all the time?).





A letter to me


Dear slightly less fat me,

Today is the day we celebrate our independence.  You entered into the fit by fourth challenge with no expectations.  You have battled being fat and sloppy for over ten years.  You’ve had some success and has some setbacks. This is the best you’ve felt and looked in years. 

This journey can’t stop here though.  Seven weeks of progress can be ruined just as fast.  You can’t be 185lbs, financially stable, and emotionally whole tomorrow…but you can make progress toward those goals tomorrow.  This entire adventure has been about taking baby steps. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Carlos Whitaker for creating an environment to stimulate your success. 

Goodbye fat boy, stud muffin coming through.


Fat me