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41 Things…

My birthday is this week and I will be 41 years old.  So in honor of a birthday that gets little to no run in the list of important ones (no one really has a blow out 41st bday bash), I thought I’d share 41 things I’ve learned over my 41 years.

  1. Everyone wants to be loved, but very few of us are really good at loving someone…it really takes work to do it well
  2. Parenting is the hardest, most frustrating, and challenging thing I’ve ever done; but it also is the one thing that the reward is guaranteed to be greater than that challenge, frustration, and difficulty
  3. Eyeball the people you love the most and you’ll see not only who you love but who you’ve become
  4. All great relationships grow in conflict not in peace.  This is not to say fight all the time to get better, but it is when you have disagreement and compromise that you truly grow closer
  5. The highs are never as high as the lows are low (especially if you’re a sports fan lol)
  6. Start saving money and being healthy today…they both get harder the older you get
  7. Smoking sucks, don’t shorten you life with nicotine
  8. We all have way too much stuff…throw some out before you put away your Christmas presents
  9. Naps are underrated
  10. When you die…people will miss you…A LOT
  11. If you know who you are and what you want in life and can accept people for who they are and what they want…you win
  12. You need people in your life that love you enough to meet you where you are but love you so much they don’t leave you there
  13. Read stuff…a lot of stuff…it’ll make you a better person
  14. Peek a boo is always funny…you grow up and it becomes hide and seek and then you get old and it becomes surprise parties and then you become a grandparent and it is peek a boo…but it is still funny
  15. Most referees and officials aren’t very good at all levels.  You just have to play against and through their incompetence
  16. You need to learn to drive a stick shift…invaluable life tool
  17. The two most important things I learned in school were typing and word problems…life is all about the keyboard and problem solving
  18. Try different stuff, you never know when something will change your life
  19. The greatest commandment is to Love…if God says it is the most important we should listen, he did make the moon and the stars
  20. You have two choices in life…you can either make the movie or be part of it
  21. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and I prefer happy
  22. Not everyone is kissing compatible
  23. You never know when it’ll be the last time, so make sure to enjoy the ride
  24. Handwritten letters and cards to people…they’ll love it
  25. Caffeine is the devil (so is commercial TV for that matter)
  26. Blue ink is better than black
  27. God wants you to be the real you with him.  He knows what you did last night, stop trying to leave it out of your prayers
  28. Moms are amazing
  29. If you just show up to work every day and put in a good effort, you’re way-way ahead of the game
  30. Bucket lists are cool but I would say, just do stuff when the opportunity arises
  31. If you celebrate your bday for a week it makes it better
  32. Benadryl is the most powerful drug in the universe
  33. Your hair will grow back or you can always cut your hair.  Change up your look from time to time.
  34. Pedicures are amazing
  35. Every once in a while move the furniture and take a different route to work, I love routine but there are other ways to look at the world.
  36. Keep all your skinny clothes and throw away your fat clothes, don’t give yourself a backup plan for your waistline
  37. Alex Rodriguez is seriously the worst dude ever
  38. You can break your worst, most destructive habit
  39. Apologies are for the offender, not the offended.  Forgiveness what you need but not what you want when you have been done wrong
  40. Haters hate, that’s what they do…Wasting your time worrying about them just makes them stronger
  41. A year from now you’ll be a year older…you have control on whether that model is an upgrade or not



So now what…

As awesome as it was to do the 10 day fast, it had to come to an end.  Which means going back to the world of French Fries and cheese dip and fried everything.  Wow this is intimidating.  There is an entire world of bad choices out there advertising, attracting, and dangling my favorite foods in my face.  Being fat is a whole lot more fun than being healthy.  Being fat doesn’t require me doing any preparation or thinking about anything.  All I have to do is decide and then consume and then repeat.  I also have the challenge that involves my taste buds and the fact that I don’t have any experience eating healthy ever.

The first weekend, post fast, was a pretty normal weekend.  There was a basketball tournament, baseball workout, baseball scrimmage, Xbox, fantasy football draft, running around, and general time-consuming chaos for three days.  There were plenty of opportunities to fall off the wagon and snack or cheat or generally go back to being that guy.

I still have to plan

  • It was such a key when on the fast, actually having my juices ready to go and easily accessible made the fast a success.  I believe that it is even more important going forward.  Now that I have the ability to eat Big Mac’s whenever I want I need to plan and schedule out my juices and meals accordingly.

Buying produce is harder than I thought

  • I sat in Publix trying to buy juicing items and I realized that I do not have a clue what Kale actually looks like.  I was overwhelmed by the colors and options and how little I actually know about fruits and veggies.

I have to stay ahead of the meals

  • When I was in the fast I just waited until I was hungry to have one.  This plan with eating “normally” doesn’t really work for me.  I need to start with some kind of breakfast and plan out my meals, snacks, and juices.  I want to build a healthy eating style rather than one meal and two juices being all I consume during a day.


  • Restaurant portions are gigantic.  I did very good ordering my meals but I realized very quickly that even eating slowly and trying to be mindful I eat too much if it is on my plate.  I can make all the correct choices I want but if I consume everything I see, I’m not really making the progress I want.

This entire journey is such a process.  The good thing from the weekend was that I succeeded in not totally blowing my diet out of the water.  Now I’m back to the routine at work and will have a better chance to set some new eating routines.





Day 6 (the weekend)

For the better part of the past seven years, most of my weekends are consumed with baseball.  I absolutely love it, but it hasn’t really helped my relationship with food.  About a million drive through stops, countless hot dogs, and soda on top of soda on top of soda.  The other weekends have been just as poor habitually.  Even without baseball on the radar this weekend, I knew it would be a challenge.

Friday night there was a party with friends.

Saturday I played golf with a good buddy.

Sunday my son and I hung out and chilled.

Three absolute landmines for someone trying to stay on the juice train.

Amazingly enough, it really wasn’t that hard.  Habits are hard to break, so my plan for Friday night was to keep something in my hands the entire night.  So I spent three hours with a juice in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.  I really didn’t think about the consequences of this costume, but it was the greatest conversation starter ever.  I spent an evening explaining the benefits of juicing, the reasons why I’m doing it, and how it is making me feel.  An absolute winning proposition all the way around.  I even managed to get my son to smell them all and even, almost, take a sip of one of them.

Saturday I discovered them limits of juicing.  It was hot and sunny and evidently four hours of being outside in it and walking a course was too much for my 1000 calories.  I was completely drained by the time the round was over.  At the halfway point of the round a hot dog and a powerade sounded like heaven on earth.  But I continued to trudge through and made it to the end.  I had to fight my eyeballs to stay up past 9 pm that night.

Sunday was great.  I woke up without an alarm.  I was refreshed all day and really enjoyed hanging with my son even more than normal.  The challenges of cooking for him were really not an issue either.  I was full and satisfied and didn’t finish all of my final drink for the night.

I’m sleeping great, feeling great, looking better, and generally pretty excited about what’s going on.  The other positive event from the weekend was getting a juicer from a friend that wasn’t in use.  I’ll be locked and loaded to continue my juice evolution after we finish the fast.  Four more days to go y’all.  I seriously can’t believe I made it this far.






As I recall from my childhood, summer usually went from the first week of June until Labor Day.  It seemed like it was forever.  This year schools were out by mid-May and are returning to school the first week of August.  This summer has flown by with an extra pace because of the events…


High school student death #1

Broken window in-car

State tournament baseball finals

College World Series

Broken wrist

High school student death #2

Visit from China

Loss of projector in the PB

Baseball tryout

Loss of a dog

Death of high school teacher


Now I’m sure that everyone had plenty of stuff happen this summer as well, but for some reason it seems as though mine has flown by at an even more break neck pace.  Summer flew by in a flash.  So now as the weather considers cooling off a bit I need to put my hands back on the wheel a little bit and slow this boat down.  I’ve learned this summer that Crossfit is too hard for me, that my train wreck relational history can actually help people, that my son is no longer a little boy and totally a young man, and that our company is going to do amazing things in the future.

2014 is winding down and I need to come up with some things to accomplish that don’t involve fantasy football, tailgating, and playing Xbox.  So I’ll spend the next few days/posts to talk about a few goals and put them out there in writing and let’s see how much I suck or don’t suck come 1/1/15.






Who really knows you?




Your phone

We all walk through this world daily looking at people, meeting people, working with people, and loving people.  Most of us are very guarded in what parts of us that we allow people to see.  The fancy trick that I use is I tell you a bunch of stuff up front that makes you think I’m open, but in reality its just enough stuff so you don’t ask anymore questions and I can protect myself (and there goes my ancient Chinese secret).

Part of this journey I’m taking now is losing some pounds and inches but another part of it involves finding myself.  I believe in order to find myself I need to be fairly transparent with where I am and who I am as I write this chronicle.  I could create a super cool persona and live in that fantasy, but what good will that really do me.  So here’s some of my crap.

I’m 40

I’m divorced

I’ve attended sexaholics anonymous before

I sleep on a couch in my parents home

I lost virtually everything I worked for due to years of bad, selfish decisions

I had most of my pain by being loud and funny

I’m really very sensitive

I drive my ex-wife’s old minivan because I haven’t been able to afford to get another car

I cry a lot

I’m a comic book nerd

I pray constantly

I love my phone (and technology as a whole)

School came easy for me but I was a horrible student

I feel inadequate around most of my friends because of their lives and success

I was the first of my friends to get married and now I’m the only one of my friends that is single

I floss a lot

I have HORRIBLE skin

I haven’t taken a real vacation to somewhere I wanted to go in 15 years

My biggest fear is failure

I worry my son will develop all of my bad traits/habits

I’m scared to become my father

Sports make me happy

I love being a dad, I just wish I had the capacity to do more for him

I’m a picky eater

I lost my mom when I was 17

My 30’s were generally horrible and as much as I was scared of 40 I’m looking forward to the decade


I could probably go on and on but then I’d lose the few readers I have, so I’ll just stop there.  If there’s anything you want to be internet transparent about, comment below.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I feel better




April Fool’s Day…I split my pants

When I originally starting writing this blog  I just wanted to record my journey in a Toastmasters contest.  It was a fun journey and I discovered I really liked writing.  I kept at it for a while, moved to a different URL, lost a job, got divorced, and eventually stopped writing.  A lot can happen in 5 years.  The person I am now is totally different as well as totally the same.

I had one of those potentially life changing moments at work the other day.  I got into my car to head in and I hear a horrible sound…


Then a fresh breeze

“Holy crap I just split my pants”

I guess I’ve gotten a little heavy over the past few years and I guess it finally hit a breaking point.



I realize that you may be reading this and really be struggling with your weight.  I’m not making light of your situation, just describing how I feel.

So on April fools day I am starting Crossfit officially.  I haven’t been an active gym person in more than 15 years at least.  I run on occasion and try to chase my little boy around as much as possible, but I need some help.

So in many of the same ways that I began the blog to chronicle my speaking travels, I’m bringing it back so I can chronicle my battle with the LBS.  I’m not trying become super buff or compete or have some ridiculous weight loss goal.  I just don’t want to split anymore jeans.

I’m also not going to promote what I’m doing.  If you used to read me, thanks for coming back.  If you want to share, great.  But just like in the beginning its about journalling and the journey.

Please return your tray tables to the upright position…the kid is back.




The interweb?!?

A couple of weeks ago I was going to order a pizza.  We were at basketball practice and I was working a backup (read non smart) phone.  So I went in the gym office and took a trip back to the early 90’s and used their telephone book to look up the number.  It took me forever to find the number.  I was in the yellow, white, business white, and coupon sections trying to find the Domino’s number, which made me think…

Does anyone remember what life was like before the internet?  Have you thought about it recently?

Normally I would pull out my droid x, google the number, and voila pizza.  I read my bible online.  I Facebook, I tweet, I blog, I read blogs, I look up recipes, I book flights, I pay my bills, I keep task lists, and I do life online.  It is easy and convenient.  I keep up with friends and family across the country as though they are in my neighborhood.  I have access to virtually everything short of the bathroom.

Is all this a good thing though?

I think about my son’s generation.  Will they have a clue of how to actually hold a conversation or go out on a date.  Or will it be a series of texts, tweets, Facebook page posts, and emails and magically babies are popping out.  Typing and keyword determining is a much more important skill than cursive and eye contact.

I like talking and communicating.  There is something great about being with someone and learning about their world.  Seeing their eyes blink or hearing a laugh.  Those emotions just aren’t conveyed the same way with LOL’s and OMG’s.

I read somewhere, on the internet of course, about people doing technology fasts and unplugging their lives for weeks at a time.  Now I’m not quite ready to call my computer the devil but I do think there is a lot of value in doing life the old-fashioned way from time to time and not relying so much on Dr. Google to diagnose your back pain or Mr. Wiki to tell you about the 15th president.  I like that I can hit Pandora and get a never-ending playlist of tunes that go from Tribe Called Quest, to Colt Ford, to Bon Jovi, to Rick Ross.

So maybe I’ll just effort easing back on the internet.  I don’t even know if we have an actual phone book in the house but if we do I seriously need to brush up on my skills in the event of an apocalypse.






I live in the south; like south of the Mason-Dixon line; like south of the north!  One of the good things about living in the south is the weather.  Even the winter is fairly moderate and there are very few days that are bone chilling and usually they are followed by 60 degree temperatures the next day.  Apparently someone forgot to tell 2011 that happy fact!  We have spent the better part of the week SNOWED IN!  Here in Athens we got a record 8.8″ of snow!  Then there was the sleet and freezing rain which laid the foundation for the ice skating rink that has covered the town for 5 days.

Snow isn’t all bad.  The first day was great! We did the best we could to bundle up and get out and enjoy the snow.  We threw snowballs, made snow angels, and created kool aide snow slushies.  The first day was fun…days two, three, and forever…not so much.

The thing with being snowed in and having a very active seven-year old boy restricted to your living room for most of the day breeds cabin fever.  It also gave a lot of time to read and think and chill (both literally and physically).  I guess it was not bad to have this happen at the beginning of a year and let me marinade on what the rest of this year has to offer.

I’ve got big plans for 2011!  I have to ask myself if 15 days into the calendar am I headed in the right direction to accomplish my goals?  Have I started laying foundations for the biggest ones, researching the ones I need help on, and acting on the smaller, short-term goals?  The reality is that I am probably about 50%.  Which I guess is better than 25% but it is still brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!   It really isn’t the weather’s fault nor is it because I’m “too busy”.  I just haven’t done the work.  No to be fair, it isn’t realistic to be 100% but it is also super slacker to only be at 50% too.

I was having coffee with some good friends a few weeks ago and they were asking me “what do you want your life to look like?”.  The fact is, I didn’t have a good answer.  I had some higher level goals (financial stability, happiness, being a good father) but the picture was really muddy.  I’m a type A, super planner by nature.  I love to create a spreadsheet and weigh the pros and cons.  I love to check things off a list and I love to make plans.  Somewhere in the last four or five years I have become pretty lame at executing the plans.  There have been a lot of 50% efforts.

Maybe a week in the deep freeze was exactly what I needed.  I got to spend a little time looking at what I really am trying to accomplish and more time getting hit in the face with the sobering news that I’m not actively trying to accomplish most of it.  That realization was much more chilling than anything the snow could have presented.  One of my list items is to write more and another is to build a new website.  So that makes for easy accountability because it is easily tracked.  So guys, kick my butt and help me be a better blogger and stay tuned for something totally different on the new website!



We didn't build it, but it was a well done snowman!

You gotta have heart

Max effort!  As a coach, a manager, a parent, or a partner, one of the best compliments you can get of your leadership is having your people give you maximum effort.  Some inspire us by their effort while others choose to lead with praise and others push your buttons.  Some of us are lucky to always be able to go max effort on everything (that is not me 😉 ).

Going into a sloppy mess with your friends

We opened our football season officially this weekend.  Mother nature was not really cooperating as she sent an absolute monsoon midday that for a period of an hour canceled our game do to the rain and lightning.  But the skies eventually parted and we got back on the schedule.  Because of the rain and lightning our 7:20 game didn’t start until almost 9 and the field was an absolute mud pit.

The team we played was bigger, stronger, and faster than our boys.  The previous year on opening day this same squad manhandled our boys.  What happened in the next hour was simply amazing to watch.

We started great and were up 12-0 very early and absolutely dominating on defense.  The other team was able to find a chink in our armor and climbed back into the game to make it 12-7 at halftime.  We proceeded to slug it out with the in the second half and eventually won by that same 12-7 score.  The remarkable thing about watching this game was the effort those kids gave.  They kept fighting and fighting and fighting.  And every time we needed a play it was someone different selling out and putting their 60 lb bodies on the line.  It was just amazing to see.

It got me to thinking if the team I work with has that same kind of heart.  Is everyone selling out every day to make something happen?  Now of course work is a lot different from playing a kids game.  And it is for 40 hours a week and not 3 hours on a Saturday.  But  I know that I could get a little closer to my kids effort than the effort that I give on a random Tuesday.

That's a great group of kidsSo now we are 1-0.  Now I am thinking about if I can be win tomorrow at work.  Just as a test what if I give the same effort that our QB gave last night and a test to see what it would be like if my team at work was as excited about a sale or a service call as the kids were last night for getting a first down.  It is a little naive to look at work the same way I look at a pee wee football game…or is it?