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Old School

I made my somewhat annual pilgrimage to see my high school play our cross town rival tonight.  In the interest of full disclosure,  I love high school football.  I think it is some of the best entertainment going today and I will watch the oddest teams that I don’t have any connection to play in person and on tv (yes I realize there are pills for this).  Now this was far from a good game.  My alma mater took a 41-12 beating and it wasn’t really that close.  Seaver and I sat and cheered and enjoyed being out on a wonderful night.

One of the things about living in my home town is being able to run into old friends and teachers on a regular basis.  This annual game changes that dynamic and brings people out of the woodwork.  I saw my friend “g-money”, a guy named “cake daddy”, and plenty of “nard’s” and “dre’s”.  These are my people.

Being back at the old stomping grounds brings back so many memories of my childhood.  Seeing all these old faces just brings stories back up and we constantly ask “have you seen x” or “what’s up with y” as we try to keep our old and new worlds pieced together.  So I am wondering…how old is old school?

I mean I know that my musical taste is old school.  this is proved by the fact that 80% of the songs I hear on the radio sound the same to me.  Yes ladies and gentleman, I am wondering where all the “good music” has gone.  Just like your father said to you…

I also know that most of the movies I really love are old school.  As funny as The Hangover was, I’ll take 7 different Eddie Murphy movies over it. And I will watch Boomerang or Friday over and over and never stop laughing the whole time.  

Anyone that has read this blog at all knows how much I love football.  I am even old school with my football tastes.  As much as “modern” college football is all about these fancy offenses that throw the ball all over the place, I like 1980 football.  Line up and run it and play good defense.

But I think we are all old school.  Maybe nostalgic is the right word for it.  People love 80’s music and Tv Land and reruns of the Dukes of Hazzard.  People love to go back to where they came from and to reminisce about the good old days.  We take pictures, make scrapbooks, write stories, record on video, bookmark, and permanently imprint moments of our past so as to be able to recall them in our future.

We all know that we couldn’t be here without everything that happens in our past.  I’m sure we all have our regrets, but they pale in comparison to all the amazing old school moments that make you smile.

I remember sitting in my friend Dan’s apartment and watching almost every great rap video ever made.

I remember setting up my grandfather’s vcr so we would have a catalog of all the Cosby Show episodes.

I remember fat shoe laces, the Reebok pump shoe, Jordan’s free throw line dunk , must see tv, new Coke, the Bud Bowl, and countless other things that Gen X would roll their eyes at.

As old school as these things are, they are mine.  They are my past and my history and the soundtrack and canvas to which all my memories are formed on.  These things have been there to make me happy and console me when I was down.  There have been road trips, funerals, parties, and quiet moments that would have been incomplete without some old school flavor thrown in there.

The fact that my hips pop in the morning is not a positive by-product of aging.  But the ability to look back and be proud of being old school definitely is.



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