The first fast I completed my coworker juiced everything for us, the second time was a juicer that I had borrowed, the third time I used a combination of juicer and blender, and this time I will use all three.  They all have different uses and depending on what you have in the fridge will dictate what item you use to create your juices.


Almost all of us have a blender in the house.  We pull them out on occasion to make a daiquiri or for a recipe and then it goes back in that cabinet in the kitchen where things go to die.  Blenders are great to use because you can make large quantities of smoothies with the least amount of effort.  There are numerous resources around the web for green smoothie recipes, but the best resource by far for doing a green smoothie cleanse is located on JJ Smith’s 10 day green smoothie cleanse.  She has a book available that is very inexpensive and tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to be well on your way to fitness.  The Facebook page has amazing stories, photos, and inspiration for you regardless of where you are on your journey.


Whether it is a bullet or a ninja or one of the knockoff items out there, it is marriage of a juicer and a blender.  Most of them are small, single-serving items and they feature easy cleanup and a vast community of recipes and resources.  These items generate no pulp and with their blade and power give a smoother consistency than most blenders.  I also like extractors because you can use frozen fruits and vegetables in them.  On a day to day basis, I now use a Ninja almost exclusively.


Juicers are near and dear to my heart because that is where I started.  They come in two families centrifugal and masticating.  The quick difference is centrifugal spins faster and they are less expensive, while masticating “mashes” your items and are generally more expensive.  Many of you have a juicer somewhere in your kitchen that you only use to make fresh OJ once a year at Easter.  A juicer gives you the smoothest drinks but be wary they are the most difficult to clean and time consuming to produce juice.


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