There is little science or rhyme or reason to how I made these.  Proceed with caution and please, please mix them to taste.

beetlejuice George Washing berry
beets 2 Apple 2
ginger half dollar Orange 1
cucumber half Mixed berry handful
lemon half
apples 2 Sea Breeze
spinach handful
Pineapple 0.25
kangaroo kool aid Cucumber 1
Apple (1/1) 2
kiwi 1 Kiwi 1
grapes handful red and green
Apple one green Green Mile
lemon half
kale handful Orange 0.5
spinach handful Lemon 0.5
Cucumber 0.5
bugs bunny Kalie handful
Spinnach handful
carrot 1 Apple (red) 1
sweet potato half Ginger half dollar
Orange one and half
ginger quarter Kitchen Sink
cloves cap
Sweet Potato 0.5
Raspberry Beret Orange 1
Cucumber 0.25
Apple 2 Kale handful
Orange 1 Apple (green) 1
raspberry handful Carrot 1
Ginger half dollar
green bliss smoothie spinacumber
spinach 3 handfuls Apple half
green Apple 1 spinach handful
pineapple 1 cucumber half
mango 1/2 cup strawberry small handful
flax teaspoon
Apple half
cucumber half
almond milk cup
lettuce handful
spinach handful
mixed berries half cup
coach Lou
strawberry half handful
spinach handful
almond milk top off

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