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As I recall from my childhood, summer usually went from the first week of June until Labor Day.  It seemed like it was forever.  This year schools were out by mid-May and are returning to school the first week of August.  This summer has flown by with an extra pace because of the events…


High school student death #1

Broken window in-car

State tournament baseball finals

College World Series

Broken wrist

High school student death #2

Visit from China

Loss of projector in the PB

Baseball tryout

Loss of a dog

Death of high school teacher


Now I’m sure that everyone had plenty of stuff happen this summer as well, but for some reason it seems as though mine has flown by at an even more break neck pace.  Summer flew by in a flash.  So now as the weather considers cooling off a bit I need to put my hands back on the wheel a little bit and slow this boat down.  I’ve learned this summer that Crossfit is too hard for me, that my train wreck relational history can actually help people, that my son is no longer a little boy and totally a young man, and that our company is going to do amazing things in the future.

2014 is winding down and I need to come up with some things to accomplish that don’t involve fantasy football, tailgating, and playing Xbox.  So I’ll spend the next few days/posts to talk about a few goals and put them out there in writing and let’s see how much I suck or don’t suck come 1/1/15.






Week 1-Homework

There are a few things I believe to my core.  One of them is that when you really get sick of something you will do something about it.  Truly getting SICK of something requires you changing how your brain works and how you think about things.  In the #FitbyFourth challenge, ‘Los is going to challenge my way of thinking by proposing some questions to journal on.  I’m sure there are plenty of us in various stages of diet, fitness, weight-loss, or health awareness.  The ones that will be successful will not only form better habits but will also make changes to how they think about things because they are really finally sick of where they are.  So here is my homework for week 1:

1.  What are 3 things you have done in 2014 that you are PROUD OF?

  • After almost 4 years of unemployment and underemployment I finally found a job that I wanted and can build toward the future with
  • I managed to get through the spring travel baseball season without any financial stress associated with it
  • I actually am doing Carlos’ challenge and taking it seriously

2.  What did YOU DO to make those things happen?

  • I’m notorious for starting things and not finishing.  I’ve often said I’m the best starter in the world.  When I actually stay the course to anything, I typically outperform my expectations.  

3.  Who HELPED you accomplish them?

  • I was mostly helped by family and friends; specifically my son and the amazing aH78 crew as well as flashing back to my old friends from high school.  What they did is as they have always done, they stood by me, supported me, encouraged me, and ultimately congratulated me.  

4.  How can you transfer those systems to THIS CHALLENGE? 

  • “Systems allow ordinary people do extraordinary things”.  I don’t know who coined this quote but it has consistently been a rallying cry to the madness that is my career.  I am, and always will be, a system guy.  I flourish in an environment that has a proven system, but I also like the ability to adapt the system to the situation.  I also have the most amazing family (I’m including my friends in the family).  At the top of the mountain and the bottom of the hill, they have been there.  Leaning into their wisdom, their experience, and their love is ultimately the backbone of everything I do successfully.

By the way ‘Los…HOMEWORK SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Challenge 1: Move, Maintain, Music

So here I go on Carlos’ fit by Fourth journey.  Funding severely put a kink in my Crossfit workouts, so I’ve been taking what I learned and trying to stay active this last few weeks while my bank account becomes more accepting of my physical needs (probably for the best as well, I know I was on the line of pushing too far and hurting myself).

To start the journey it was a simple 3 day, 3 step challenge:


The challenge here was to simply move more than you normally would and to not do anything that you really don’t like to do as part one and then to complete a fitness challenge in part two.  With it being a weekend baseball tournament, I usually sit in my chair and just watch my son play, but I made a point to walk…a lot…constantly.  I  don’t have a clue how long or how far, but I know I did a lot more activity this weekend than any other tournament weekend all fall.

40 air squats

30 sit ups

20 push ups

10 burpees

Lots of heavy breathing and tight muscles

Time: 6 minutes and 24 seconds.

This will be our baseline workout to measure our progress.  I’d love to get a minute off this time over this seven weeks.



This part of the challenge was simple.  Maintain your diet.  I’ve always believed that it is way too hard to try to change multiple things about your life at the same time, so I’m very pro not going salad only.  The challenge, though, was to record what I ate for the weekend.

  • Friday
    • Egg & cheese sandwich
    • Chicken burrito with Rice
    • Ham & turkey sandwich and chips
  • Saturday (Isnacked on chips  andpowerade a lot this day being at the park)
    • Breakfast scramble (biscuit, gravy, peppers, cheese)
    • Hot dog, chips, soda
    • Cheeseburger and fries from the grill
  • Sunday
    • Sausage burrito from McDonald’s and a giant soda
    • Chicken nuggets
    • Bacon cheeseburger and fries from Wendy’s

I realize the biggest room for weight loss and health improvement is my diet.  I’m looking forward to hearing what Los has to say about the diet portion.



Carlos is a worship leader, and a very good one.  Step three was to come up with a song or two or three or three million that is your all time go to jam for getting pumped up.  I as well love music and studied it in college.  Just picking one song is about impossible, but this one has gotten me over several humps throughout the years.



Challenge one COMPLETE!

On to round  two.








Motivated or Disgusted?

I didn’t really want to go workout yesterday.  I wanted to come home, eat, and be in bed for the night.  It had been five days since I had been to the Crossfit gym.  It is taking me about two days to recover from a workout right now.  I did have to travel with my son over the weekend to a baseball tournament, but regardless it had been a while.  One thing I like about our gym is that you have to sign up for classes in advance, so there is a level of commitment and planning.  I had signed up early Monday morning to go that evening, so I had to go or lose my money.

I’ve always looked at really active folks as being hyper-motivated.  I see people running marathons and playing sports at a high level and I just think to myself “Wow”.  I’ve always been driven in my personal and professional life.  I’ve never been able to sustain that drive for a long period with my health.  That just doesn’t make any sense!????!!!!

I probably wouldn’t have taken this mission upon myself if I hadn’t been disgusted with blowing out my favorite pair of jeans.  And maybe that’s the real answer…

I’ve always taught sales people who their number one competitor is always the status quo.  People would rather do what they know and are comfortable with than try something new, even if the benefits are there to at least try it.  As the saying goes: “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t”.  It is easier to be fat.

Eating fast food is easy.  Sitting on your ass is easy.  Making excuses is easy.  Sneak eating chocolate in the car so your kids don’t know is easy (yes I’m talking to you).

All these things are easy.  And even though we know they may not be the best for us, we continue to do them because we know how to deal with them.  We feel the guilt of a Big-Mac for a second but we know that we can rationalize its consumption even faster.  The thought of actually walking into a gym with people who go every day is terrifying.  I don’t think the fear is that we can’t do it but more of what happens after we do it.

Something happens to us though when we get disgusted.  Folks generally don’t leave a job, bad relationship, or bad habit until they are truly sick and tired of where they are.  The fear of the unknown devil that might be sobriety or a shelter is no longer paralyzing them.  The fearing the gym may not have the same imminent intimidation that an abusive spouse does, they both do have a direct reflection on your quality of life.

I’ve battled my fair share of demons.  They are all a part of my story.  And they all were comfortable in their own way.  Changing those behaviors required me to be uncomfortable.  PEOPLE HATE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE.  The pregnant pause between a question and answer is the scariest thing in the world for people and they rush to fill the space rather than sitting in its silence and waiting for it to resolve itself.  Lifestyle changes are even scarier.  You get the uncomfortable silence of your own mind while its debating doing the right or wrong thing combined with the physical pull of your body to respond as you have taught it to.  Uncomfortable, paralyzing, and powerful…all rolled into one.

So is that step to run out the door every morning truly motivation in a tri-athlete?  Or is it possibly the fact that they were finally disgusted with the status quo battle they were fighting with the fat guy on the couch their whole life.  So when your cubemate is talking about their new successful part of their life laud them for their success, but take a second to think about how they got there and realize that the first step probably started from disgust and not motivation…just like yours will.





April Fool’s Day…I split my pants

When I originally starting writing this blog  I just wanted to record my journey in a Toastmasters contest.  It was a fun journey and I discovered I really liked writing.  I kept at it for a while, moved to a different URL, lost a job, got divorced, and eventually stopped writing.  A lot can happen in 5 years.  The person I am now is totally different as well as totally the same.

I had one of those potentially life changing moments at work the other day.  I got into my car to head in and I hear a horrible sound…


Then a fresh breeze

“Holy crap I just split my pants”

I guess I’ve gotten a little heavy over the past few years and I guess it finally hit a breaking point.



I realize that you may be reading this and really be struggling with your weight.  I’m not making light of your situation, just describing how I feel.

So on April fools day I am starting Crossfit officially.  I haven’t been an active gym person in more than 15 years at least.  I run on occasion and try to chase my little boy around as much as possible, but I need some help.

So in many of the same ways that I began the blog to chronicle my speaking travels, I’m bringing it back so I can chronicle my battle with the LBS.  I’m not trying become super buff or compete or have some ridiculous weight loss goal.  I just don’t want to split anymore jeans.

I’m also not going to promote what I’m doing.  If you used to read me, thanks for coming back.  If you want to share, great.  But just like in the beginning its about journalling and the journey.

Please return your tray tables to the upright position…the kid is back.