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“A perfect opportunity”




The national company

Q:  What do these things all have in common?

A:  Someone has offered me all these “opportunities” in the last calendar year.

For those of you that know me you know that I like to talk.  And with that talking comes a lot of friends.  I know a lot of people from all over the place and I love meeting new ones.  People are FASCINATING!  One of the byproducts of my natural “chatty-cathy doll” syndrome is I am often a target for network marketers (and life insurance companies too).  I have the one resource that network marketers covet and that is friends and I would really like to keep these people as my friends and not make every contact a “sales call”.  But the latest offer got me to thinking about my opportunity and my resources.

Being that I am still searching for full-time work, getting a lot of “no-fee” speaking engagements, and generally not contributing much to the gross national product, I lose sight sometimes of the opportunities that I have.  Lemons and lemonade get old after a while, but it is always a combination that works.

Because of the time that I had after loosing my job I was able to really focus on the speech contest-Lemonade

Because I am flexible with my time I get to get my son off the bus from school-Lemonade

Because I have developed an ability on the platform I am getting invited to do more speaking-Lemonade

These are all opportunities that have presented themselves BECAUSE I don’t have a “normal” job.  Opportunities exist everywhere, everyday.  And a lot of those opportunities are there because of something that does not appear to be positive.  We all have opportunities around us that are not being realized and utilized.

The earth is overflowing with natural resources and so are you.  In my world I have faith, a supportive and loving family, my natural gift of gab, and 1100 Facebook friends. Just like mother nature provides the fuels and food to keep this amazing planet spinning, my resources keep my tank on full and keep me moving forward.  My grandmother used to always tell me to count my blessings and in the world, in this economy we should all take a minute to do so more often than we do.

I am sure that in the next three or four months, someone will offer me another “perfect opportunity”.  I always let the marketer finish their phone call before I politely let them know that I am not interested.  But in the time between here and there I need to take a close look at the “perfect opportunity” that already exists in my own back yard.  I am blessed beyond words, I just have to follow granny’s advise more often to realize it.