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Round 4 begins


In two hours we bought groceries ($55 for two people for about five days), created 15 juices, prepped for ninja smoothies for tomorrow, cleaned, and made a last supper of veggie quesadillas.  The menu these first few days is


Beets, ginger, cucumber, lemon, apples, spinach


Beets, orange, carrot, sweet potato, ginger, spinach, kale, pineapple, lime

Sea Breeze

Pineapple, cucumber, apple, kiwi


Spinach, kale, mandarin sunshine, agave, lime

No excuses y’all.  Let’s do this.






Fruit Cake?

Oh the weather outside is frightful…and so is fruit cake!


I was at a Christmas party with friends over the weekend and discovered that someone who I have known for years actually likes fruit cake.  Considering I didn’t realize that anyone actually consumed the gelatinous creations, I was even more shocked that someone I consider a friend considers them a delicacy.

It is amazing what you can find out about people if you just ask questions and listen.  In the same way that a fruit cake has all kinda “stuff” that is surrounded with different types of “goo” and shaped with some type of special “filling”, most of the people in your life are similarly fruit cake-ish.  Considering I don’t know how you actually consume an actual fruit cake (I believe that it is sliced, but possibly it is pulled like pork, I’m not sure), I can’t make this metaphor preserve nearly as well as the magic of a jelly loaf.  In whatever way you gain access to your seasonal party in your mouth I would assume that it makes a sound when you cut into it.  I’ve asked people questions over the years that I clearly remember hearing a sound in the pregnant pause while they were attempting to create an answer.

Are you still seeing her?

What happened that night after the concert?

Did you mean for your hair to end up that way?

If a horse is a horse of course of course, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Silence can be some of the loudest moments of your life.

FC appears to be a fairly busy taste concoction.  I’m betting that no two bites are the same (either because of the layers of fruit or the fact that the actual loaf has changed its physical properties several times since its actual preparation).  There’s a lot of challenge when you are really asking questions but one of the biggest is that each successive question can give you not only a different answer but a completely different set of questions.  If you didn’t know that someone had a certain experience until you asked, you definitely don’t know where the conversation is heading next. Listening is a skill but we don’t give asking questions any credit for being an equally important skill.

Ultimately I think the most magical thing about squishy fruit bread is the fact that not only is it a holiday spectacular but it stays, in its current state, FOREVER.  One of my bits of advice I’ve given to my female friends over the years when they were interested in boys is for them to pay attention to the amount of questions he asks about you.  When someone is genuinely interested in you, they want to know you and ask lots of questions about you and your life.  Answers don’t go away, they stay with you forever.  You may not be able to recall them all, but they are there…in the same state they were given to you.  That knowledge of the people in your life is what creates depth in relationships.  I think we all crave deep, meaningful relationships (at least we crave them more than fruit cake).

After we were done teasing our friend about fruit cakes we continued with our festivities.  There were several other moments in the evening where I learned new things about my friend’s lives.  Luckily I was not required to actually learn what fruit cake does to one’s pallet after white wine.  In the interest of full disclosure, I did sample fruit cake once in my twenties…it has now replaced a filling I lost in a tooth since it is still with me all these years later.



41 Things…

My birthday is this week and I will be 41 years old.  So in honor of a birthday that gets little to no run in the list of important ones (no one really has a blow out 41st bday bash), I thought I’d share 41 things I’ve learned over my 41 years.

  1. Everyone wants to be loved, but very few of us are really good at loving someone…it really takes work to do it well
  2. Parenting is the hardest, most frustrating, and challenging thing I’ve ever done; but it also is the one thing that the reward is guaranteed to be greater than that challenge, frustration, and difficulty
  3. Eyeball the people you love the most and you’ll see not only who you love but who you’ve become
  4. All great relationships grow in conflict not in peace.  This is not to say fight all the time to get better, but it is when you have disagreement and compromise that you truly grow closer
  5. The highs are never as high as the lows are low (especially if you’re a sports fan lol)
  6. Start saving money and being healthy today…they both get harder the older you get
  7. Smoking sucks, don’t shorten you life with nicotine
  8. We all have way too much stuff…throw some out before you put away your Christmas presents
  9. Naps are underrated
  10. When you die…people will miss you…A LOT
  11. If you know who you are and what you want in life and can accept people for who they are and what they want…you win
  12. You need people in your life that love you enough to meet you where you are but love you so much they don’t leave you there
  13. Read stuff…a lot of stuff…it’ll make you a better person
  14. Peek a boo is always funny…you grow up and it becomes hide and seek and then you get old and it becomes surprise parties and then you become a grandparent and it is peek a boo…but it is still funny
  15. Most referees and officials aren’t very good at all levels.  You just have to play against and through their incompetence
  16. You need to learn to drive a stick shift…invaluable life tool
  17. The two most important things I learned in school were typing and word problems…life is all about the keyboard and problem solving
  18. Try different stuff, you never know when something will change your life
  19. The greatest commandment is to Love…if God says it is the most important we should listen, he did make the moon and the stars
  20. You have two choices in life…you can either make the movie or be part of it
  21. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and I prefer happy
  22. Not everyone is kissing compatible
  23. You never know when it’ll be the last time, so make sure to enjoy the ride
  24. Handwritten letters and cards to people…they’ll love it
  25. Caffeine is the devil (so is commercial TV for that matter)
  26. Blue ink is better than black
  27. God wants you to be the real you with him.  He knows what you did last night, stop trying to leave it out of your prayers
  28. Moms are amazing
  29. If you just show up to work every day and put in a good effort, you’re way-way ahead of the game
  30. Bucket lists are cool but I would say, just do stuff when the opportunity arises
  31. If you celebrate your bday for a week it makes it better
  32. Benadryl is the most powerful drug in the universe
  33. Your hair will grow back or you can always cut your hair.  Change up your look from time to time.
  34. Pedicures are amazing
  35. Every once in a while move the furniture and take a different route to work, I love routine but there are other ways to look at the world.
  36. Keep all your skinny clothes and throw away your fat clothes, don’t give yourself a backup plan for your waistline
  37. Alex Rodriguez is seriously the worst dude ever
  38. You can break your worst, most destructive habit
  39. Apologies are for the offender, not the offended.  Forgiveness what you need but not what you want when you have been done wrong
  40. Haters hate, that’s what they do…Wasting your time worrying about them just makes them stronger
  41. A year from now you’ll be a year older…you have control on whether that model is an upgrade or not




I ran into a friend over the weekend and they had seen my Facebook posts and asked how the fast was and complimented me on my success.  Then he hit me with a question, that I really hadn’t thought about:

“So what’s your goal?”

If you know me offline, there’s a pretty good chance you know that I love goals and goal setting.  It is in my DNA but somewhere during this process I totally forgot to think about what in the world I wanted to accomplish for this to be a success.

Of course I want to lose more weight, but how much?

Of course I want to be healthier, but how do I measure that?

Of course I want to look good in a speedo, but really who actually wears a speedo?

I also need to work on some type of reward for reaching this goal.  I’m always looking for something to celebrate, so this could be yet another reason for a party, right?  I realize that my body is not like anyone’s else body so I need to use my data to see where I need to land in order to be healthy, so let’s do the word problem…

Body Fat Chart







Based off of my last measurements (231 lbs and 26.38% body fat), I am carrying around 61 lbs of fat.  No I didn’t stutter, I’m carrying around a 7 yr old boys worth of fat on a daily basis.  No wonder my blood pressure is high and I haven’t felt well.  In order for me to get into the “fitness” category I would need to lose approximately 27 lbs of fat.  That would bring my goal weight to 204 lbs and my body fat to 16.67%.  On a safe weight loss goal of one pound per week, that puts my target date as approximate March 1, 2015.  That really can’t be all the goals I have though right?

I want to complete another 7 day juice fast in November and another one in January.

I want to complete a “how to” .pdf/book/pamphlet and make it available to the masses before the November fast.

I want to complete a minimum of one 5k in 2014.

I want to complete 6 races of various lengths in 2015.

I want to keep my daily calorie intake under 2000.

I want to completely overhaul this blog and turn it into something special.

I want to get my blood pressure to a normal, healthy level.

They, whoever they is, say that putting your goals in writing increases the likelihood of them becoming reality.  I don’t have time to waste.

************This blog post has been sponsored by the sodas and candy that I no longer crave and that I hope will be dead to me forever************





If I can do it…

…So can you

I guess this is kind of my new mantra as well as the direction I’m going to take the blog.  This ten days has had a major effect on my life.  Before I get to what I’ve learned, let me get to the results.

Starting weight-244.8

Finishing weight-231

Starting BMI-35.12

Finishing BMI-33.14

I also lost 4″ from my tummy and hips


I don’t really know what I expected the results to be, but I’m truly amazed at the before and after (and no there won’t be any pictures until I really, really get my body together lol).  I am not even close to where I think I want to be, but I am so proud of the jump-start that I gave myself…yay me!

The physical difference can be measured.  What happened between my ears is a little more difficult to quantify.

I slept better

I didn’t ache

I crave exercise

My energy level is off the charts (and I’m already a high energy guy)

My mood has been amazing

I have prayed constantly

I feel better

I look better

I see myself better

My clothes aren’t as tight

I could probably go on another ten or fifteen things that I clearly know have changed as a direct result of the juicing.  My mind has also been opened to the possibility that I can live a different way.  I’ve had plenty of self-inflicted wounds in my life that have gotten me here.  My health choices are only one of these wounds.  But my health is not that far removed from my finances which is not that different from my relationships which is shockingly close to my spirituality.  It is all interconnected.

I have absolutely opened up a new part of my brain and embraced the possibility that I can live a little bit better than I have before.  That’s really all this is about, getting better.  There are so many things we have in our life that are going to cause conflict and prevent us from being the best we can be.

I also want to make this blog the best it can be.  So over the next few weeks I’ll be in the lab working on changing it to better fit this direction that I think I want to go ;).  I love you all and I greatly appreciate the support.  Let’s see if we can start something big.





Day 7

I made it a week…like seriously it has been a week since I had solid foods; absolutely amazing.

Today is also the beginning of our last “new” batch of juices and apparently our juice master has gone into the lab and created a fresh bath of juices.  The weekend juices were super yummy, but he’s been using actual recipes and this time he’s straight winging it.  They were ok, but it was clear that these were “guesses” on what went well together (stay tuned at the end of the fast I’ll break down the recipes and what I thought).

Day 7 was pretty normal altogether.  I’m starting to miss actually eating.  It is not that I don’t like the juicing, but I don’t think I’m ready for an extension past 10 days though.  I am very excited to have a juicer of my own to start supplementing my post fast eating with my own juice concoctions.

Starting anything sucks.  Whether it is a new job or a new diet or a new pair of shoes, there is always some trepidation in it for me.  As much as starting sucks, I believe I am even worse at finishing things.  It has been a chronic issue since my childhood.  I start with great intentions on working out, or writing, or losing weight, or reading more and then I get bored or apathetic or busy or something and all that positive mojo goes right out of the window.  At this point of the fast I’ve accomplished way more than I truthfully thought I would.  There’s absolutely no way I’m not going to finish this process.

I’m going to lay off from the journal the final few days and simply give you guys the results on Friday.  I’ve got a lot of things in my head though that I would like to explore with the blog in the near future.  I’m really excited to be a little more healthy, a little less beefy, and ultimately a lot more inspired.  All of this from juice?  The Lord does work in mysterious ways.





Day 6 (the weekend)

For the better part of the past seven years, most of my weekends are consumed with baseball.  I absolutely love it, but it hasn’t really helped my relationship with food.  About a million drive through stops, countless hot dogs, and soda on top of soda on top of soda.  The other weekends have been just as poor habitually.  Even without baseball on the radar this weekend, I knew it would be a challenge.

Friday night there was a party with friends.

Saturday I played golf with a good buddy.

Sunday my son and I hung out and chilled.

Three absolute landmines for someone trying to stay on the juice train.

Amazingly enough, it really wasn’t that hard.  Habits are hard to break, so my plan for Friday night was to keep something in my hands the entire night.  So I spent three hours with a juice in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.  I really didn’t think about the consequences of this costume, but it was the greatest conversation starter ever.  I spent an evening explaining the benefits of juicing, the reasons why I’m doing it, and how it is making me feel.  An absolute winning proposition all the way around.  I even managed to get my son to smell them all and even, almost, take a sip of one of them.

Saturday I discovered them limits of juicing.  It was hot and sunny and evidently four hours of being outside in it and walking a course was too much for my 1000 calories.  I was completely drained by the time the round was over.  At the halfway point of the round a hot dog and a powerade sounded like heaven on earth.  But I continued to trudge through and made it to the end.  I had to fight my eyeballs to stay up past 9 pm that night.

Sunday was great.  I woke up without an alarm.  I was refreshed all day and really enjoyed hanging with my son even more than normal.  The challenges of cooking for him were really not an issue either.  I was full and satisfied and didn’t finish all of my final drink for the night.

I’m sleeping great, feeling great, looking better, and generally pretty excited about what’s going on.  The other positive event from the weekend was getting a juicer from a friend that wasn’t in use.  I’ll be locked and loaded to continue my juice evolution after we finish the fast.  Four more days to go y’all.  I seriously can’t believe I made it this far.





Looking back-Part 3

You’ve gotta have faith

Let me start with saying that Jesus Christ is my personal lord and savior.  I became a Christian on September 11, 2005.  I love the Lord but like all of us who are forgiven, we are all; INCLUDING AND ESPECIALLY ME, sinners.  I’m far a theological scholar.  I should definitely read my bible more.  I should definitely pray more.  I absolutely don’t have it figured out yet.

When I decided to do this juice fast I knew that it would be a test of willpower, a challenge my body and mind, and something that I truly didn’t believe I could accomplish on my own.  So I looked up and talked to God about it.  I knew that fasting is biblical, Jesus did it.  I knew that it could be a really cool spiritual experience.  But really I knew that my earthly body was not going to be strong enough to go cold turkey on turkey sandwiches.  I had researched and read and watched films about what I was about to go through and intellectually I was ready but my heart and spirit weren’t even in the neighborhood of ready to just drink juice for 10 days.  I knew that the only way that I was going to be able to do this is with the help of my heavenly Father.

I don’t really know where you are or where these words land.  It is not my typically humorous style of presenting stuff.  I’m sure there are plenty of eyes that aren’t Christians or don’t believe in any kind of God and that’s ok, I believe that He is real and that He loves all of us unconditionally.  I also believe that when things are too hard to bear He can lift that weight so you can continue on.

Now I realize that I’m not fighting cancer or going through losing a child or in complete financial shambles.  I am talking about juicing.  But I also believe that God is pretty big and pretty cool and if your burden is death or your burden is a diet change He can, and will, meet you where you are.  So I leaned into Him and I picked up the bible and I started praying…A LOT.

A friend, who has fasted several times for spiritual reasons, told me that every time he gets hungry it is an opportunity to turn to God.  So I took that approach.  Since I was consuming some calories and plenty of vitamins I didn’t have many true hungry moments but every time I open a bottle of beets or greens or something that I don’t like and have really never consumed, I have prayed.  Some of them quick some of them long but all of them were basically the same.  Thank you Lord and please help me choke down this Beet zinger.

If I’ve learned nothing else from this fast is that not only is it healthy, but there are so many unintended benefits that come from doing this.  Juicing has let me talk about juicing and health and relationships and faith to people who read me hear and to people who I have encountered.  I’ve been able to dialog with my son, who has the same picky eating genes that I do, and at least open up the possibility of him trying some of these things one day.  I still don’t have a clue what my life will look like after the fast.  Just like with my diet, sometimes my faith needs a detox and a reboot to get back on track I guess.





Looking Back-Part 2

It’s all in your head…

I really could sign off now on this post, because that’s the big idea.  So much of how I’ve programmed myself to consume food and drinks is totally in my head.

I’m supposed to have a biscuit at 7:30
I need to have a soda to get me going in the morning
I think its time for a snack mid morning
Since I ordered this entire plate of food I have to eat it
I haven’t eaten in four hours, I think I need pizza

I’ve read piles of information on the web about how many meals or how many calories we should and need to consume.  Some of the guys say six small meals and some people say two big meals with three snacks and some people say two meal replacements, one meal, and one trip around the block on a pogo stick.  The one common denominator I found with every one of these approaches is that they ALL had me consuming way fewer of everything than I was.  That’s not really taking into account me trying to lose weight, this was simply looking at how I should be eating.

I discovered on the first day of the fast how powerful my brain and my habits had been.  On the way to the office on day one, I found my stomach was growling and I was “hungry” at about 7:45.  That is also, coincidentally, about the same time I stopped every morning to grab a biscuit for breakfast (it is the most important meal of the day  right?).  Later in the day I was driving around listening to the Atlanta Braves game and the announcers were talking about ice cream and my mouth instantly started watering.  My sister text me later, not realizing I was fasting yet, and asked me if I was familiar with some new kind of chip that is out.  My tummy again started growling, and I didn’t even care for the combination of items on the chip.

Your body is designed to let you know when you need to eat.  Unfortunately humans have messed this up and flipped it around where we tell our body when it is time to eat.  I truly believe that over time I have programmed my stomach to growl and grimace when things are not typical.  This self-fulfilling prophecy then leads to eating whatever is within sight and is easy.  Add in aging, slower metabolism, and less activity and you end up Type 2 obese at 40.

As I’m typing this it is noon and I am just now having my first juice of the day.  I woke up at about 7:30.  That’s almost five hours.  And truthfully I wasn’t feeling hungry, but I know I need to get some vitamins and calories in my system so I don’t crash.  That’s after having my last juice at about 9 last night.

There continues to be things I’m learning about all of my life from the fast and my relationship with food.  Even if you don’t challenge yourself with a juice fast, I think it’s a good thing for all of us to challenge ourselves with something way outside our comfort zone and see what we learn about ourselves.





Looking back-Part 1

It is Saturday morning and rather than talking about day 4, which was basically just like day 3, I figured I’d look back on this process and journey and what I’ve learned about myself and food.

I’ve had a running joke the last few years that I only eat 12 things.  That really isn’t that far from the truth.  My family grew up lower middle class.  My parents were never married and I was raised primarily by my grandparents and my Aunt.  We had welfare food and from an early age I remember just not like very much because most of it tasted like sand.  I was a skinny kid and it was always a challenge when I was somewhere that wasn’t home, to find things to eat.  As a teenager I started to like and consume in mass quantities fast food and easy food, because it was easy and it actually tasted good to me.  I had a therapist once talk about how I learned the majority of my relationship skills as a child and they would be tough to “unlearn”.  I guess my bad relationship with food started there too.

Over the years my palate has improved but my eating habits really have not.  Lots of starch, lots of carbs, and lots of sugar…then you sprinkle in a pile of caffeine on top of it and you have a molotov cocktail of fat and sloppy at age 40.  I’ve always said I didn’t really like the gym and I don’t stick to running plans unless there is a race.  I think some of the problem might be that I was trying to fly a jet plan with 87 octane fuel.


People love to sit around the table with friends and family and eat.  It is an event.  People buy houses because of the cool kitchen or the way you can entertain your friends and family.  People have date night at restaurants and have family events with cookouts and pot luck dinners.  People grab hot dogs and pizza at ballparks because it is a habit and its part of what makes it fun.  And it should be fun, but I think that some of the convenience and fun of eating has slanted my personal relationship with food.

I’m far from an anatomy and physiology scholar or a biologist, but I have learned a little over the past few weeks about how the body works.  The reality is that I have done a terrible job of taking care of myself.  It shows on the scale, it shows in my complexion, and it shows in my energy level.  Now I’m not saying that I’ve done it all wrong my whole life, because for the most part I’m a pretty happy dude.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ve been off in my food relationship as well.

I’ve got a pile of relationship theories that I have used to help advise friends over the years (and yes Doctors make the worse patients).  One of the things I’ve always believed is that, just like in sales, you must negotiate from a position of strength rather than a position of weakness.  Successful relationships are a win-win for both parties.  You give and you take but both parties have something to gain from the interaction.  The relationship I’ve had with food has not been from a position of strength.  I have eaten convenient, easy, processed meals that make me happy but really aren’t giving my body what it craves.  I truly think that because that is what I ate, it is what I’ve continued to eat.  I think that I’ve taught my body, over the years, that when I’m hungry to eat some junk.

I guess I didn’t realize I had this much to say.  So I guess I will break this thing up into parts so people can actually digest it.