Crick in my neck


Getting old SUCKS!


I remember being 21 and being indestructible.  I could party for a week straight on zero sleep, play basketball all day, go to class, pass tests, go to my PT job, drive across the state, hit the gym, eat anything, and still stand around looking for something else to conquer.  Now I stand at the ballpark for an afternoon watching my son play and I have to come home and ice my knees so I don’t look like Fred Sanford the next day.

The only benefit of getting old is that I’m not quite as stupid as I was back then.  Whether its “forgetting to pay” for Crab legs or getting pregnant or an overdose or simply doing daily dumb stuff with money…kids are dumb.

I’m writing all this because I have had a crick in my neck for three days.  That’s not normal.  It is getting better.  But it has been three freaking days, seriously not normal at all.  It makes sleeping difficult and driving dangerous.  I have to think when I’m on the phone and trying to multitask.  It is just a pain.

Life is kind of funny when it humbles you and makes you appreciate things.  I’ve been in a funk lately in some ways.  I’ve been spending time with friends of mine that are super successful with life, family, and careers.  I’ve got some friends that really have done well for themselves.  They haven’t abandoned me even though I’m “not on their level” anymore.  It is just depressing to roll up in my hooptie to a super nice golf course and pull out my 10-year-old golf clubs, thrift store outfit, and three weeks of budget just so I can afford to play.  And then I get a crick in my neck.


Simple things become hard

Hard things become excruciating

You have to think your way through a shower

Parking the car becomes a process


A little, bitty kink above my shoulders and below my chin totally change my perspective.  The thankful list is WAY LONGER than the cranky list.   As much as I wished I had a nice car, normal family, and money in the bank what I do have is a safe car, friends and family that love me, and the means to support myself.  That is a pretty good place to be.  The only difference between my successful buddies and me is they don’t have a kink.  My neck will work itself out as will the rest of my life.  Even with the discomfort, I can still live my life and be happy.  I just can’t look over my shoulder right now (and is that really a bad thing to not look over your shoulder all the time?).






The weigh in

So if I’m gonna do this, I need to chart some progress.  So on April 1 the tale of the tape is as follows: 244 lbs (Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, the heaviest I’ve been since my son was born) 5’10” BMI=35 (obesity is 30 or higher, holy smokes) Waist=44.5 Wrist=8 Hips=46 Forearms=13 Body fat percentage=27.94% (Obese here again folks acceptable is 18-25%) No promises of what they’ll be in a month, but I’ll take new pictures and update progress on the first of each month.  image image image