Where do you start?

The first 10 day juice fast I completed was on a dare by my coworkers.  We decided to all do it and I dove headlong into the internet trying to figure out what in the the world I had committed myself to.  I found videos, stories, recipes and things that scared me, encouraged me, and often inspired me.  This is my big list of things you need to consider before you jump into this adventure for 3/5/7/10 days.

What equipment do you have?

A juicer is different than a blender which is different than a nutribullet/ninja.  I have acquired all of these items over the past few months and they are all totally different items.  Go here to read about how they are different and how they are all awesome ways to supercharge your nutrition.

What should you do before you start?

The biggest thing is you have to get your mind right.  The thing I’ve tried to explain to people is that this is not a diet and if you are only doing it to lose weight you’re going to be dissappointed.  Yes you do lose weight, but much of it is water weight and you cannot live on a juice only diet forever.   Juicing can though become a critical part of your daily routine.   After you get your head right I would recommend weening yourself off of caffeine, carbs, and processed sugars as much as possible a few days before you fast.  The first three days are tough but fighting caffeine withdrawals makes it even tougher.

Where do you find recipes?

My quick answer is the internet.  That is basically what we did from the beginning.  We looked at what was in juices at established juice bars and other resources and just started winging it.  I have created a recipe page here.  I make everything to taste, so no two recipes are the same.  In addition to that list you can follow me on Instagram @stee32, I post all my random creations there as well.

How much juice do you drink?

If this is your first time trying it, I recommend making more than you think you need and keeping it with you in a cooler at all times.  Generally the recommendations are six to eight 12 to 16 ounce juices per day.  You also need to remember to consume a minimum on 1 to 1 ounce of water for every ounce of juice you consume (yes you will pee and pee a lot).

What about the bathroom?

Speaking of the potty, everyone is different.  Some people experience diarrea and others are constipated.  Water is so important to keep your digestive process flowing.  Ultimately you just need to pay attention to your body.  If you aren’t going like you normally go, do something about it.  If you are going way more than normal, it will slow down.


2 thoughts on “Where do you start?”

    1. The order is to be determined by you coach. I typically try to have some kinda sweet in the morning and some kinda green for lunch/dinner…but other than that I kinda go with what I have a taste for.

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